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  1. Government shutdown in 3 hours.

    1. tipsy


      go study and dont come on forums ever. :P

    2. monkeysmack


      hopefully it will never start back up

  2. It pisses me off when I'm looking for the definition of a big word and they define it using even bigger words.

    1. slenderman


      go f*ck yourself merriam webster


  4. When Mubarak was overthrown everyone was grateful as fvck, now that he's close to getting released everyone is saying he was the best. Love it.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. JoeDirt


      Islam is religion of peace its just in the hands of extremists and people that are still stuck in the 8th century.

    3. INDIAN**


      @slend nice joke oops i am hindu extremist not more :)

    4. Jopa


      Islam is religion but nowhere on earth is not so much blood diarrhea (holy places) as in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and so on. When that peace will reign?

  5. Fun Fact: Chances are that you have walked past a serial killer, a mass murderer, or just a murderer in the last 30 days alone.

    1. Artanis


      Step away from the mirror!

  6. How to not get redirected to the main page?

    1. b0rR*4cHo


      lightly click the link. very lightly

    2. Antichrist


      You should post a support topic and describe what happens, and what you're doing so we can help more..

  7. Fall Out Boy's new album is great!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. b0rR*4cHo


      yay emo music... someone hand me a butter knife

    3. Wifestein


      its not emo music, your comment is invalid!

    4. slenderman


      You're gonna wish you didn't say that borr.

  8. Might as well rename Game of Thrones to 1000 ways to die.

  9. Minecraft is my favorite FPS.

  10. Linkin Park's album

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. yellow flash

      yellow flash

      Hybrid Theory* best album ever

    3. tipsy


      britney spears is more cool

    4. Alacrity


      Both of those albums and ONLY those albums by them. The rest is shyt! ...and, I'm about to break!

  11. Ain't got shit on my 720 no scope off a 3-story building.

  12. I should be over all the butterflies, but I'm still into you.

  13. After all this time, I'm still into you.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. b0rR*4cHo


      did you want fries with that or just the nuggets?

    3. Alacrity
    4. SkuLLc0LLector
  14. Not sure what the big idea is with Game of Thrones; Spartacus had WAY more blood and bewbs.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CSL


      Game of thrones is epic. Spartacus is great as well. Read the books though tons more stuff than the shows


    3. WeetBix KiD

      WeetBix KiD

      I have just started book twp of Games of Thrones CSL and loving it!

    4. Elf


      epic fantasy television drama series!!!! ha ha

  15. Don't worry about Jamie Lannister his dad's the hand.

    1. MagOo


      No pun intended ? lol

    2. WeetBix KiD

      WeetBix KiD

      Left or Right?

  16. Tell me I'm pretty.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Corey


      you are pretty... scary looking

    3. SkuLLc0LLector


      You're so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece!


    4. tipsy


      Tell me I'm pretty.

  17. God it sucks having a birthday around the end of the year.

    1. DrJoske


      is Christmas close enough to the end of the year?

    2. b0rR*4cHo


      what are you wanting? computer?

  18. One Direction is better than the Beatles.

    1. DrJoske


      but do they have a yellow submarine, that's the question...

    2. Swiss*Army
    3. Spitfire


      Quick,someone punch Slendie in the face!!

  19. Just saw the trailer for Purge and thought to myself, "What is the president doing while all of this is happening?"

  20. Hey Jude, don't make it bad!

    1. Chameleon


      Take a sad song and make it better.

  21. Raining and sunny at the same time, obviously a sign of the world ending.

    1. SkuLLc0LLector


      That sign is called a 'rainblow'' :P

    2. tipsy


      fk u , u got new maps and you disappaeard

  22. Congratz on 400,000 posts

  23. Slenderly tip of the day: Try not to fall when crossing the street.

    1. Karthik Batman

      Karthik Batman

      im nt gonna let u cross in peace slendy ;p im batman

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