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  1. Happy Birthday PrO*SplaSh~!

  2. Happy Birthday PrO*SplaSh~!

  3. i forgotted ur birthday :( late happy birthdays :D

  4. Happy Birthday PrO*SplaSh~!

  5. Xp whorers (abusive) staying at spawn or other places should be disabled , the way it was on SL a moment. But this time there will not be sl admins to say no , no we dont disable. The thing only 1 page per person or clan is already in use . And for the rest it should be fixed soon , Paul just need some time !
  6. Hello , yeah there is already some clans who joined just waiting to see =F|A= there. If you guys can talk on server or at least put something which talk about trackbase it would be great ! Anyway great job Paul Tb would be great ! And hellreturn please check pm !
  7. I think your pro in many other ways :D

  8. Then Its works for you too stup .. ! Hell no im not fat ! if im fat then the rock and john cena are so FAT if you see what i mean !
  9. ahahah Nah thats what im really doing , and by the way didnt eat a pizza for weeks. What i said is what should be done , but hmm nah i dont sleep 8 hours . Go everyday at sun after 2 pm (EU time) to get nice color skin Dont be 100% white skin like all those nolife ! Oh btw vipy : Too bad most of the ppl exercise the left one also.
  10. wouahaha best one was canos ... with beers hes crazy with that shit minimum 5-6 per days !! And viper what a lie For summer period : about me i do like 350-400 km per week (3-4 days) depends weather... to hot or to much wind .. i dont like. I eat whatever i want except sugar .. i mean candies and shit like that , everything which countains anormal quantity of sugar. at least (3-4)L water per days espcially IN summer period ... only water no shit such as coca cola ice tea... or whatever. no ice screams Sometimes beers and alcohol but hmm restricted. And hmm like the most importrant thing ... Dont smoke at all ( the hardest part for sure) Dont salt or almost what you eat. Dont eat rich thing at 70 % or over 50 % .. like cheese and stuff ( sometimes its okay but not all days ..) Dont take coffee .. 3 times in a day .. At least 7 hours sleep and 9 hours maximum ... (sleep before midnight count x 2 ..) but no one does that Thats not easy .. to resist when u usually drink or eat some sugar .. but after 2 weeks you just forget about it .. run or do some gym .. thats all. and its like -10 kilos or more ..( depends persons) easy in 1-2 month then you are stable .. Its a good way to have your normal weight and be in good shape ... all days
  11. PrO*SplaSh~


    hehe yeah when teams arent okay , and if players dont notice that , please ask it politely , thats all and ppl at least me ; dont have problem by switching and i do that a lot.. it should be the same for everyone. in general ppl dont use tab often .. ppl who really play , concentrated .. thats why most ppl dont even see teams are f***ed up . thats why admins are there okay see ya on servers enjoy !

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