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    Turning 50 years old ... oh time to think of what we did and most important what we will do in our futur !!!
    Gf and i have decided to have most fun possible together and live each day the best way possible :)


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  1. be 2018 be good with you respect others like you want to be respect happy 2018 ! tha wolf
  2. One of my male cat is like this at vet .... he destroyed a carrier right in vet cabinet hehe ... a fighter !!! lol
  3. Merry christmas to all !!!!! have fun with your family, friends and who is important for you !!! Life is short and sometimes hard time, time to live it NOW !!!! not in the future Tha Wolf
  4. Hey thank you !!! the old grey hair wolf is happy hehehe :D
  5. welcome back and gona be a wolf fight i think
  6. Congratz coma !!!! Well deserved and keep up your good work tha wolf
  7. Congratz to everyone, well deserved promotions men !!! cool cool
  8. I was in DRi and i can say its not a good clan. Theres some good people but some are lot of teouble in game and in themlife. I left them yeah. All the other 5 clans i was in was cool but not DRi. Nothing to add.

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