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  1. Hi ^.^

    Hey there! Hope you keep having fun with us!!
  2. hi people

    Hey! Welcome to the forums!
  3. Here I come :D

    Welcome back!!
  4. 'Sup everyone?

    Favorite Song?: Nyanners - pomfpomfpomf =3 I approve X3 Welcome and I hope you like it here ^^
  5. I'm back! Sort of...

    It's been a while guys anyways I decided to play on the server for a little bit and I remembered how fun it was. I think I might play a little bit more depending on my schedule. I hope to see you guys in game and to catch up with some of you
  6. Trade / !unusual effect.

    It's alright message me on steam whenever you want to play tf2
  7. Trade / !unusual effect.

    i can help with camping on the server so it gets populated
  8. Dirty Bomb Gameplay video

    Time for another addiction XD WOOT! WOOT!

    HI and welcome !
  10. Apocalypse

    HI and welcome to the forums!
  11. hello guys

    Hey! Welcome to the forums!
  12. yuno or lucy???

    If you plan on getting into the series it's better to read it... Tears will be shed...
  13. yuno or lucy???

    No. It's a crossover. Yuno (left) is from Mirai Nikki and Lucy (right) is from Elfen Lied. If you haven't seen any of them you should. Elfen Lied's manga is way better than the anime.
  14. yuno or lucy???

    who do you think will kill each other first? Let us have a debate
  15. beware of fake steam sites!

    Hey guys, I just want to remind you guys to be mindful about the fake steam websites that people might send you to ask you to sign in but it doesn't really work. This was brought to my attention because this happened to me and my friends. I ended up changing my name and password(my other alias, if you were curious who it is on your friends list, is setton). So did my other friends. Look for weird misspellings like connumity or staem. Anyways i'm just putting it out there so be careful guys and happy gaming!