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  1. Hey there! Hope you keep having fun with us!!
  2. Hey! Welcome to the forums!
  3. Favorite Song?: Nyanners - pomfpomfpomf =3 I approve X3 Welcome and I hope you like it here ^^
  4. It's been a while guys anyways I decided to play on the server for a little bit and I remembered how fun it was. I think I might play a little bit more depending on my schedule. I hope to see you guys in game and to catch up with some of you
  5. Summer break! :D

  6. It's alright message me on steam whenever you want to play tf2
  7. i can help with camping on the server so it gets populated
  8. Time for another addiction XD WOOT! WOOT!
  9. its been too long

  10. Happy Birthday a pencil!

  11. HI and welcome to the forums!
  12. Hey! Welcome to the forums!