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  1. Serverbug?

    by me its all ok.. guid , etkey , pb a and b updatetet and allowed on firewall... redbaird have right... i see that all admin lv1 or highter have he XP and the rest lost xp again/daily plz check ur server.cfg ..i think its a little bug with xp save for all lv 0 users ...
  2. Serverbug?

    punkbuster is enable
  3. Serverbug?

    hi.. i have a question: i play on server beginners xp save i lost my xp over 20000 points and again over 10000 ... other members help me and i find the problem : cdkey have invalid letters and signs.. i repair it. and check my guid ... all ok! 1 weak later i lost again my xp "DAILY" > i start again-again-again(daily) by 150 XP ... this is not funny - medic lv0 ur rules is - XP SAVE and over 50000XP = LV1 admin... and over 40000XP for join FA .... hmmm no chance for me... can anyone help me with this problem or give me plz a statement why server by half of players start by 150XP again!??! thx PS: i play 1-2x /weak on ur hardcoreserver - and my XP is save... respectfull Codename_EGO
  4. xp reset ?

    ok..i have found the bug (XPRESET) - in etmain folder--> etkey file - have a invalid entry! a normal key is example : 0000001002200609281234567890 a broken key have invalid letters added - example : 0000001002200609281234567890à‚X(ËôJ0r«!ÓÝ:ä„Y)ÉãI?l¬$ÐÕ3è€_'ÍýX this letters and signs are a problem on server! on all members with this problem (XP-Restet - again ...again) open this file with editor and plz delete this letters and signs - --> à‚X(ËôJ0r«!ÓÝ:ä„Y)ÉãI?l¬$ÐÕ3è€_'ÍýX ...olny numbers to allow ! ---> 0000001002200609281234567890 PS: plz make no kopie from this key - this key is a example and fictive! i hope that help a little bit ... again:i knows - my english is not perfect c u in game - have fun Erik aka Codename_EGO
  5. xp reset ?

    ok thx for u infos... its ok... im starting new again... c u in game
  6. xp reset ?

    hi. Im Erik (Codename_EGO) i play this game 8 years.(in last time im lv.5 Servermaster and full rights on server over rcon) - im a old man here i think - i have make a break for 1 year. i comming back and find this great server (5weaks) and play 5-6x / weak... my XP over 21000.. yesterdaY i connect to server (F|A Beginners XPS) and i lost my XP ... ?! i check my another backup and and i have no xp - by me its more XP = more fun and acknowledgement.. caN anyone help me? ur Clan is great. I play : WS ET , Cod4 MW1 , UT3 , Mohaa breakthrough and Battlefield 1942 in my freetime sorry for my bad english...nobody is perfekt respectfull Codename_EGO ps : i have seen that 50% of gamers lost he XP points why?
  7. INFO: el_kef_final its a good map...prob is -> bot does not use/work ... its a problem with teambalance... PS: plz admins make more adminwork on server.. teambalance for better fairness(speak with players for change team or put player) ,and players - AFK - put to S , this is a great server - u are the best respectfull - Erik aka Codename_EGO