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  1. SAMI

    OMG 50

    hi and happy birthday...
  2. My Suggestion is that in www.gametracker.com our server is not claimed and our players record not recording in gametracker...beacuse our server F|A BEGGINERS is not yet claimed.....plz claimed our server in gametracker.com....thnaks
  3. I am old user of F|A ..My name is Rana Samiullah..i am from pakistan..i want to back in clan..i am back in cod4 now..and want to join a clan F|A...i need a friend .anyone interest in friendship with me..plese add me and i love this server...thanks
  4. Hello...and ...welcome...
  5. Hello And Welcome ....
  6. good work and congrats...nice
  7. try game booster... http://www.iobit.com/gamebooster.html
  8. SAMI

    What Is tubes..???

    thanks friends
  9. SAMI


    I don't like AK47..because it's aim and recoil is not good ..always missed target...fire sound just like......tuk tuk tuk tuk (BAD -100) So , only only and best of one all over the world is ( M4 Carbine)....fire sound.......tuuurrrrrrrrhhhhh (Excellent +100)