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  1. Zer0

    Yui Nohud

  2. I think it's one of the best mouse available. Shape is like zowie EC2-a, sensor is the best available and the scroll wheel is great. It has one of the best warranty available since it's a logitech. It has also a spring system for main mouse buttons who provide a really great click and it's lightweight (87g) and if you want a little more weight you can add 10g more. For ppls who have looking for a right hand mouse I think this is awesome. Compared to a razer deathadder its much better quality. I can't compare the scroll wheel with mx master because I never use it.
  3. buy the new logitech g403 prodigy mouse, have 2 versions both are exelent (wired and wireless).
  4. ahhh ashyr! The guy who was very easy to kill who became a godlike player! Great Job, really!!!! Keep the good work!! Have few others i miss in this list!
  5. G402 is good mouse but it's worse then his previous version! The scroll wheel on g402 it's not good as in previous versions like in g400. If the shape be OK for you buy an g303, it's an amazing mouse if you be comfortable with the format of it.
  6. This one is an awesome deal Roccat kone pure military + roccat mousepad sense for 25 http://computers.woot.com/offers/roccat-kone-mouse-chrome-sense-pad-8
  7. Gtx 950 $ 119 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121981 Are you in Europe so nvm
  8. If I was you I give it a try http://www.neweggflash.com/Product/N82E16826436048
  9. get the roccat kone pure military mate keep checking newegg for sale and you will get them for 25 For this price you not will find a better mouse It has a great sensor and excelent build quality! Dont get a mouse with laser sensor, some people think laser mices are the best but they arent. A good optical mouse beat them in any way! I was forgoting about 2 great mices! EVGA x5 optical mouse! the price is around 30 and it has same sensor as a Razer Deathadder but its has much better build quality! Gigabyte xm300 excelent sensor (same as Deathadder too) and its a cheap mouse too has great build quality (It´s around 30 dollars) !
  10. I don't play often on silent 1 but I can say Meow and aniky are the best players who plays there!
  11. I can recommend you many mices but first of all you must say if you have big or small hands and say how you hold your mouse, if it's fingertip / claw / palm grip. But I will name a few: For right handed with small hand you can't go wrong with Roccat kone pure military (it usually goes on sale at Newegg for something like 25) Mionix Castor Logitech g502 (it's a heavy mouse but has one of the best sensors) Logitech g303 (same sensor of g502 but for small hands, it's very light, 90g) If you can find a Microsoft intellimouse explorer 3.0 get it (doesn't matter if it's new or used) it has the best sensor if you don't mind use 400dpi (it's not possible change dpi's in this mouse) If do not have money problems maybe get the new logitech g900 (same sensor g502/g303) and it performs amazing wired and wireless (it can be used in both ways) but it costs 150 Zowie's are great mices too with a grat sensor and driverless (you not will need to install anything at your PC to use the mouse with all the features) But if you want a more precise recommendation post your hand size and grip style!
  12. Can't believe you have low FPS with that build. Just try r_primitives 2 like Shana said and set Vsync off in Nvidia pannel
  13. Glorious mouse mat This one is great mouse pad and great quality Check the reviews on internet http://www.pcgamingrace.com/ use promo code JOHNCENA to get 10% off

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