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  1. Summer vacation finally started. 4 week vacation. Asked DD to add one new game to our clan collection what i have been playing a lot lately. First game in years what have got me to stay wake extra hours and get me thinking "I just play this game and then stop" and then realised four hour later that, dam it i still playing. We will add it to our clan collection and i start keep section as active as i can and trying to get me back to clan duties. Next week i will be out. Spending time with my family, but after that, you should hear me more.


    Game what i have been playing is this https://store.steampowered.com/app/301120/Eastside_Hockey_Manager/


    You can get real updated roster and facepacks in there, but you have to do it manually and use third site part. After we get new section for game, i will make guide topics how to get real roster and facepacks etc..

    1. Hulk


      Enjoy your vacation and family time! This game looks fun look forward to finding out more about it :)

    2. AnG3L


      Have fun with your family mate. 

    3. Vindstot


      Enjoy the vacation! :)

  2. How to heck Tom Wilson from WSH got 5 milj salary for 6 year. Maybe most overpayed contract of NHL history. Yes he is good player but not 5 milj player, his point record is 35 from last season and he played with Ovechkin and Kuzentsov. Remind me on David Clarkson contract which Toronto made with him when he played one great season. This contract can tie WSH hands in future to get key players from freemarkets or re-sign young players. Ofc points dont show all, but i would give him 3 milj salary and two year, five milj is just too much.
  3. I am so so super happy that we was able to keep Jason Zucker. He has came big idol to me, i am also very happy that we was able to keep Dumba. Dumba still have little bit to proof for me, but i am happy that we was able to keep him too. Zucker news was best hockey news of summer for sure. I needed little bit happy news and luckly finally got those. Dumba 6 milj hit in salary cap is 1-2 milj too much in my mind, but are in line with Trouba contract. Now days D-top 4 pair defenders just get that 5-6 milj contracts and top 2 defenders 8-11 milj. Defenders get little bit more money than centers or wingers or goalies. On Zucker contract (5,5milj) i am happy. It was line with contracts which we gave to Granlund (5,75milj) and Niederreiter (5,25 milj) in last year. Now we should re-sign Staal in good contact also. His current contract of 3,5 milj is one of best in NHL. I hope we can keep him in 5,0-5,5 range too. We have 1,7 milj left in the salary cap. I did hope we could see some trade which Fenton hinted, but probably there wasn't any good available to us. Its better to not make trade than just make useless trade and that way show new boss is in the house. If we make trade i hope we use Coyle in the trade. I would like to get Pacioretty from MTL and give him shot. We already have a couple ex-captain in team. Staal (CAR), Parise (NJ). Also we had couple other too in these couple seasons (Pomminville and Vanek) i dont know if its good idea to add too many captains in one team. Ofc Karlsson would be deram come true, but we dont have cap to keep him after next season. Skinner is not so known to me as Pacioretty.
  4. Still alive :) Doing a lot work in the weeks and resting in the weekends. Missing grandpa ofc, but overall i am happy and doing fine. Enjoy a lot on my work thats main thing :) Would be super happy if we get NHL topic active again in coming season. Its been too quiet past two season.

    1. Sonofdoc


      *double comment whoops!*

    2. Sonofdoc


      Glad to see you!

    3. Hulk


      Glad to hear your doing well :)

  5. Planning to start do next year NHL news. I have summer vacation in August and i am in small hiatus from clan duties and gaming so probably have time to do some NHL stuff in weekends and in summer break. Will keep you update on that. I dont know how many read my NHL news, but i enjoy to do those and i can that way keep myself updated on other teams roster and stats from last season. What you guys think on possible Karlsson trade? Which team you predict will get him? Also our Toronto fans, i am surprised that i didnt get any feedback/opinions/cheers from you when you got Tavares. I think Tavares and Matthews contracts ties your hands a lot. Your defence group is too thin. Your center squad (Mathews, Tavares, Kadri) is NHL best now. Its better than Crosby, Malkin, Sheahan from Pitts. But if you look your GA% from last season it was too high for deep playoff team. Your d-group is young and promising, but there is not star defenders as other big conterder like Tampa or NSH have. But otherhand PIT didnt have top defender group either when they won two cup, and they was playing without Letang in last stanley won. Also Andersen in goal is still minor question mark for me. Also there was too many game where Toronto allowed +40 shots on goal. They also need great two-way forward which all teams in my mind need. They made mistake on letting Komarov walk because he is great two-way player. Anyway thats my opinion. What you Toronto fans or hockey fans think on biggest move of summer?
  6. I have been out lately, but i dont think you have cause any big damage to our clan. Dont worry mate, dont be too strickt to yourself because we all go hard times. I won depression three time and been di*k to my closest ppls when i have been depressed. We humans have to get something where to unload our bad feelings, no matter if we are just angry or depressed, sometimes we just have to unload bad feelings and its good if you regred afterwards but we do mistakes when we are angry or depressed or in dark place as u call it. We are family in here and we support each others, as i sayed you before, just let us to help. Stay strong in there mate and we havent forgot u! Get your life in track and send re-apply once all is sorted out and before that let us help u. My pm is open. Cant check site now, so dropp message in there if u want talk.
  7. Was disappointent that we didnt take Brodziak, we had spot open to third line center, which role he get in Oilers, also was disappointent to lose Cullen, but Bruce is not good coach for veterans he favoring young guns. Hartnell is still in the markets, but we already added Fehr, Hendricks and Brown so we will not add him. I am sad that we didnt take any of players which i hoped (Komarov, Brodziak or Hartnell) also i was super disapointent tha we didnt add better back up for Dubnyk, we could have got Mrazek, Lehtonen, Mason or Khudobin but decided to choose Hammond. I have to say that our new gm start in team get big minus from me. Yes Fletcher made mistakes, but he also bring players which i liked a lot in team, so will come to miss him for some of the time. He was good GM for Wild. I am sure that Fletcher will get new shot in GM role in the future. Now i am waiting that we will trade Coyle to make room for Zucker and Dumba. Also i am hoping we make trade which both owner Leopold and New GM Fenton has indicated. Maybe Pacioretty or Skinner is available. Ofc Karlsson would be dream come true, but our d-group is already good and most we need help with scoring and any of our current free signins havent been call to that problem so only choise is to make trade which we get good scorer back. Maybe Panarin from CLB could be available too. We can use Dumba or Coyle in trade. I hope they will not use Brodin in trade. I hope we try to get good scorer before season starting, its too risky to wait big step from Greenway, Kunin or Eriksson Ek in they second seasons which are always know to be hardest season in players NHL career. Only move what i liked was to bring Pateryn to team. He is fysical good defensive defender what we have missed after we gave Scandella to BUF. I still missing Scandy, but i am happy that he got top 2 minutes in Buffalo last year and in coming season will be team third defender behind Ristolanen and Dahlin, in Wild he would be behind Spurgeon, Suter, Brodin and Dumba. Will update my fantasy team in coming weekends, latest at my summer vacation in the August. I have demptation to go with Saros and Raanta (in goal) for next season, but Raanta is playing behind so bad team that he would drag my numbers down too much. I am also suprised that Raanta didnt get any bigger hype on his very good numbers behind so bad team. He was in my mind top 3 goalie in last year and if he would played in NSH, TBL or WPG he would won that Vezina. Also its possible that i add Patery to my d-man group and Vanek back to team. Probably have to let Dumba walk depent on his new contract. Look like Jokinen is retiring from NHL so it will open one spot and Hartnell is also without contract. I hope both will get new-contracts.
  8. Thank you to all birthday wishes
  9. So it did happen what i did afraid. We didnt make new contract with our GM Chuck Fletcher. I have to say that i didnt like how long it take from him to kick Yeo and i gave a lot critic to him on that, but i will come to miss him. He was able to get Staal, Parise and Suter to our team and Staal with very minor salary and Chuck was able to get Dubnyk too by trade of third round pick. Yes sometimes Dubnyk make me crazy, but he is top three in all important categories (Sv%, GA% Wins and SO) after he came to Wild. So he is not poor goalie. I just hope new gm take better back up so we can get even better game from Dubnyk. Leopold our owner sayed that Bruce will come back as coach and we will not re-build, but will make couple tweaks what mean couple trade probably and free-agent signins. I truly hope that we dont trade Koivu because i will follow Koivu because in couple last years he came me as big idol as Niittymäki has been for me. Ofc i would keep following Wild too no matter what, but i would watch all Koivu games for sure. I hope he is not be traded. If you watch Fletcher mistakes, biggest was Coyle to Burns trade. Coyle havent been able to be top 6 player to us and Burns has been league best D-man and with him, we would be a lot better than with Coyle. Also giving Scandella away was mistake what cost our playoffs this year when we lost Suter to injurie. Also was mistake to keep Yeo so long, but also was great that Fletcher was able to get Bruce behind bench. Also was mistake to actually give two player away in this year trade market (Stewart and Reilly) when Reilly can come to next superstar in d-group and mistake it was because other teams like Winnipeg and Nashville made they team better in trade deadline by getting Turris (NSH (prior trade deadline)) and Stastny (WPG) and we didnt do anything except giving guys away. That mistake probably cost his job. Players which i am ready to give in trades are Parise (because his contract, even that i like him). Coyle, Kunin, Eriksson Ek, Ennis. I hope we make new Contract with Zucker and Dumba, both probably will get about 5 milj dollar and i hope we dont need to pay them too much. Fletcher most of time made very good job to get players signs cheap re-contracts. Players which i dont want to lose are Koivu, Granlund, Zucker, Staal and Brodin. Ofc it would be dream come to true if Wild would sign my hero and idol Niittymäki as GM which role he is doing in TPS now in finnish main hockey league, but i see Niittymäki more possible in Flyers GM than in Wild. Wild probably will sign some old GM but there is not a lot good available. I dont like Burke i hope they dont get him, he just got kicked from Calgary. Trevling i think continue in CGY or he could been opportunity. Ex-Coytes GM Maloney would be my choise, i think he made abosolutely great job in the Phoenix/Arizona with low salary, so this could be his first chance with team who have max salary to use. I keep Maloney one of bests gms in the word. Also one who i appreciate high is Ralph Krueger who was coach in the Edmonton once, he has made great job in EU with GM'ing in soccer and in the ice-hockey and got big victories in both areas. Let see who we will take, i hope decision come fast. Will try to follow Nashville now when i have time and cheer them when both Blue Jackets (Kekäläinen as GM) and Toronto (idol Leo Komarov) are out. I truly hope we could get Komarov to wild would be dream come true if we get him, as it would be if we get Hartnell. Also as trades my biggest wish would be Pacioretty, he is not my favorite player yet, but he is good and maybe available.
  10. 16. Minnesota 15. Nashville 14. Tampa 13. Boston 12. Pittsburgh 11. Vegas 10. Anaheim 9. Columbus 8. Washington 7. Torono 6. Winnipeg 5. Los Angeles 4. San Jose 3. New Jersey 2. Philadelphia 1. Colorado I think that serie between Minnesota and Nashville will decide who will the cup. Also i think game against Winnipeg will go to game seven and Wild will win it. Wild vs Winnipeg will be probably best serie in whole playoffs and its already happen in the first round. I dont like current format a lot, because now two of NHL best teams in regular season are in same side and can see already in the second round and from Pasific teams can get walk thourgh a lot easier schedule. Wild is without number one and number two D-mans. Ryan Suter is one of league best d-mans and Spurgeon has been great, some time of season even better than Suter. It will be big test against Nashville to play without Suter, his skill is needed more in offensive side than in D-zone. But otherhand Pits did win Cup without Letang. So its possible.
  11. Yeah in tuesday game there was also very questionable goal what referrees allowed even that NBC commentators both sayed it should be disallowed goal and it was clear goalie interference. I cant add link to video now because i cant visit NHL site yet.
  12. All the donations added to goal. Thank you for the donations!
  13. St. Louis is now going same Yeo losing streaks what we went with him four year row. St. Louis won only one game in last 10 game and two in last 15 game. Same losing streaks happened to Wild too every year (with Yeo) and now when its finally happening to other teams too, its proove that its not only on our players fault, but style of Yeo coaching. He create style of hockey what favor these kind streaks. Streaks of losing and streaks of winning. Let see if this killing St. Louis season in the regular season. Wild was always able to fight through these and find them in the playoffs because they had leaders like Koivu, Parise, Suter and Vanek in team. I am not happy to see Blues losing, but it just proove that its not was our players who you can blame as Yeo always was blaming our veteran players on our losing streaks, but its style of his coaching. Still watching hockey as before, but not writing here as often as before, because i has been busy. Very often i am able to watch games 1-3 day delay, because when i go work, i make long day and come home only to sleep or i have only one hour free time when i come home and game take couple hour, only i cant watch games just before i go sleep, or i have hard time to get sleep because i live so strongly in the games that it get me long time to calm down and get a sleep. I didnt make any changes to my fantasy team in the trade deadline, i am happy on everyone. Jokinen have hard season but rest is playing great season. Couturier, Rantanen and Aho all are playing they best seasons and Couturier could even win Selke trophy. Even that Hartnell playes at fourth-line role in the Nashville he still get good points per even-strenght mins and fight time to time. I was very sad and disappointent to see Stewart traded, he jumped to my all time favorite players list super fast, he was true lockerroom player, great guy, but his skills and play was not satisfying Bruce anymore, he wanted to use younger players instead Stewart who was still giving his all when he was playing, didnt make mistakes a lot, his plus/minus was not team worst. Only thing was that he didnt fight in this season, and probably Bruce waited that to him, maybe Bruce see him more as Enforcer and was disappointent to see that Stewie didnt want to fight anymore. Its always sad to see your favorite player to traded from team what you follow, i truly enjoyed to following him, maybe second most after Koivu. I noticed that always when he made goal, i did yell and cheer more to his goals than rest of guys except Koivu ofc. He remind me a lot on Konopka, who i loved a lot, Konopka was pure enforcer and team player also, great guy in lockerroom. They game style was different (stewart-Konopka) but they style to be lockerroom players was same. They always cheer up lockerroom. I willl come to miss him and i truly hope he can get real chance in the Calgary (he did sit couple game already :/) and can get chance to continue his NHL career in next year. Wild Also traded M. Reilly to MTL. I liked him too, let see maybe its good boost to his career. Little bit like Scandy who was traded to Buffalo, he is now first pair defender there and get more credit to his play. Scandy is only -1 in team where rest of defenders are like -20. He has been playing great season. Yes i miss him a lot, but in our team he would probably been third pair defender with 18 min per game, now he is first pair defender with 24 min per game ice time. So i am very happy for him. With Brodin, Scandella is my favorite active defenders in NHL. Wild didnt get anyone from trade deadline, i hoped we could have got Pacioretty, but after i hear Fletcher (GM) reasons why he didnt make any trades i did agree those and i am happy. Its also fact that after Hanzal trade last year, we was not playing as well as before that trade. So lets give our current roster chance in the playoffs and let see where it goes. If Parise can get his game back he can be as valauble than trade of Pacioretty.

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