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    trying to find a job but no f***ing luck

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    Hi im Alana :) im from Falkirk , Scotland. I've been in a relationship with =F|A=BraveHeart for 7 years. I enjoy ET ,WEED and spending time with my family <3 i have an African grey parrot called Monty who i spend a lot of time trying to train and a Rottweiler called Tess who is untrainable !
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  1. Hi Everyone

  2. Hi Everyone

    omg lol i was totally stoned! soz
  3. Hi Everyone

    vote if ur a FA member that smokes weed!
  4. Hi Everyone

  5. AnGeL|Dust

    hey F257 and illusion how u guys getting on?
  6. hey was just wondering is there any chance some1 can do a sig 4 me plz
  7. NuB here :)

    hi hubby :sniper wish i had other comp so i could pwn u x
  8. AnGeL|Dust

    Hello! i would just like 2 say hi to all on forums , first time been on forums Not sure if uve seen me on etpub or not but i love ur server and all the F|A ive met so far are cool.hope to game with u all at some point