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  1. Thanks Man! I love it! Its the best I could ask for.
  2. Im sorry I forgot to add that If possible could there be a christmas tree with an X through it? sorry i forgot to add it in first post.
  3. Hey guys, I've seen some of your work on peoples signatures and I must say, IMPRESSIVE!! I would like to have one if possible. What is the signature about? Sadness. The size of the signature in pixels? Max size on your forum The colour combination you prefer? Black and Green The text you want on the signature? I'll end you like I'll end Christmas. Anything signature maker should avoid? Nothing really. If any of you can make this happen I will be very grateful.
  4. hellooooooo

  5. hello peoples

  6. Hello ^_^

  7. DeadSkinMask here

  8. Davidjb7 App.

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  10. Hello Everyone !!

  11. hey FA