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    I like anything that goes fast......
  1. My friend just built me one a few weeks back . Check stats for mine on my post. I have not full use of it but on Crysis 3 , Battlefield 4 , COD Ghost plays graphics turned all the way up for a full 2 hours of play my temps never get above 35 deg C. This is the first gaming machine I've had and would not trade it for nothing. The new games are fun I guess but I still enjoy ET the best. Good luck.
  2. BAMA

    F*ck me rich - Belgium

    I'm sure more cava means more sex , more sex = more babies , so he will be rich , lol
  3. Gigabyte 3gb HD 7950 x2 with Crossfire
  4. BAMA

    New PC soon

    I started playing ET 2008 and has been the only game I really played due to the little pc and it's the best thing I ever played. Since the new pc I have seen a new world for gaming lol. I have tried the battlefield 4 and there is a lot more to that so I think I stick with ET. T hanks for responses on post.
  5. BAMA

    New PC soon

    I will be careful with it , thanks for the info , and yes , very stoked to have this machine. And for Vanaraud , if I get notice of 6 months to live I'll put you in my will , lol , since you are the first to ask , lol
  6. BAMA

    New PC soon

    I was going to buy another low end pc(this is the second pc i ever owned) but i thought i would go bigger cause you never know when a badasser game will come to life and i will just have to play it so i can say i did,,lol,lol
  7. BAMA

    New PC soon

    The dude I got this machine from had some older stock and put it in this for me. Thermaltake Chaser case Gigabyte 990 FX3 mobo Fx 8350 8 core overclocked to 4.92 Ghz Ultra 1050 PSU 16 GB Kingston ram 2 Gigabyte HD 7950 Crossfire GPU H100 liquid cooler Kingston SSD I do not know much about computers but I was told it will handle anything I do. I did play BF4 at settings all the way up and it was smooth as glass. I was told that the pc was overkill for Enemy Territory but I can tell a BIG change in resolution.
  8. BAMA

    New PC soon

    Got my new pc today. This thing is badasser. Any game , anytime , any setting.
  9. What is this witchcraft?!?

  10. BAMA

    New PC soon

    Yeh i was going to get a SSD for it. Level 4 has it but it comes with Windows 8 , and i like Windows 7. Will update when i get it.
  11. As my current computer is on it's death bed , i am thinking about getting me a new machine. After hours of looking at gaming pc's(and not knowing what the hell everything is) , i have found the one i'm thinking of getting. It's a Digital Storm Vanquish level 3. The level 4 is good but i do not care for liquid cooling and i think i like the intel 5 quad. The only game i play is E.T. and i know very high graphics card will not affect this much , i was told. Any input will be much appreciated. And also , if there are any computer builders here , i would be more than glad to pay you for similar build. I'm looking to spend a $1,000 - $1,400. Thanks
  12. round here we call country back-woods folk bama. Since i'm a big guy i go by BAMA. so sorry to upset so many since you now know i'm not obama or from Alabama.
  13. BAMA


    This one still has me confused. lol

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