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  1. Hi Everyone

    Ola and welcome!
  2. wtf

    Welcome back dude!
  3. Niko say's Hi

    hi and welcome!
  4. Eredivisie

    could? could? SHOULD! haha 20 attempts no goal thats just a shame..
  5. Eredivisie

    Nah no big transfers in the eredivisie atm most important ones i guess: Denswil sold to Brugge Schaken left Feyenoord That was pretty much it about nice transfers for a complete update look here: http://www.fcupdate.nl/transfers/
  6. Enemy Territory List of Playable Maps

    saberpeak would be nice on nq1 Instead of Beerrun god what do i hate that one
  7. Eredivisie

    screw you, we are f*cked! but no mather what we support the feyenoord boys! lets kick some ass in rome!
  8. Happy Birthday Pinoy and Reallity

    hapy bday!
  9. what you re best serie

    #1 Game of Thrones #2 Suits #3 Prison break #4 Breaking bad #5 Arrow it would have stand higher if they didnt screw up after 2
  10. windows Google Chrome

    it's working fine for me atm? are there some specific pages you cant open?
  11. VIP Membership

    I guess its activated already, You're a platinum VIP:)
  12. Hello!

  13. Game of Thrones

    haha forget your emotions it's playing with my patience like hell!! Can't wait for the next episode
  14. Game of Thrones

    jup just one and that if your lucky!
  15. What song are you listening to right now?