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  1. i went on jay2 and tried to do as much long range / mid range shooting as possible. just straight action with as much adrenaline as possible to illustrate how op this is. the beginning sucks but it gets better once the tank has passed the 2nd bridge. below is a link with the full demo (30 mins) on riverport. https://easyupload.io/azg26e in the end i had an acc of ~ 43% with close + long range and slacking at the beginning combined.
  2. the combination of FG42 + adren is downright ridiculous. for some reason the weapon feels - even without adren - much stronger on jay2 than on jay1 or on other mods for example. it is even on long range shooting quite accurate when i tried it out. when i used it i had an acc of something between 45 and 48 % which is, at this firing rate, nuts. imo you should remove adren.
  3. update 2 after changing my graphics card and RAM didn't help (the old RAM appears to be broken and doesn't work at all), i decided to buy a new PC ¯\ (ツ) /¯ . i am now able to play without FPS drops. the game feels a bit unsmooth now though.
  4. yes and i have the settings turned off/on as mentioned in this post. i filled the target out and it didn't do anything ingame (i checked in the console if the settings changed). i tried already a different driver. sorry, but where do i have to change settings too? he might have changed it over the years. he gave it to me in 2015. i fixed the cvars and it is still the same :@ you might want to take a look at the attachments. i am almost at the same spot but as you can see i have 75 fps while looking at the stairs and 125 while looking on the ground. i am approximately three seconds away from wreaking havoc on my undergarments. if i manage to find my old graphics card again i will change it. i might as well buy a new pc when nothing helps ¯\ (ツ) /¯
  5. update i am still having fps drops. i found out that they occur on every mod, even on etpro. i came to the conclusion that my graphics card must be the cause. when i quit ET last year, i used a radeon hd 7850 and everything was fine. during that time i changed it to the one which i am using now - the other hardware is still the same. nonetheless i bought the amd wraith cooler a few days ago which i haven't put in yet. you can find the nvidia settings in the attachment. am i missing an important setting? furthermore i installed ET for a friend of mine at his place and he has the same graphics card as me. he has also fps drops with the standard config. since heaven didn't respond i am going to post my config (it's kresti's cfg) here. maybe one of you can find a command that is causing it.
  6. 1920*1080 100 fov crosshairsize 38 cyan dot
  7. yeah, i have this one the pc is now 5 1/2 years old and it is a miracle that it is still running without any issues besides the fps drops on jaymod (i didn't have problems when i played rust at the beginning of 2018 for example) - considering the fact that it gets up to 40 °C in my room during summer. i was too stingy back then to buy a separate cooler. i might buy the wraith cooler soon but let's see if it is more playble now on jay1.
  8. okay, i removed the dust from the cooler (as best as possible) and added new thermal paste. the core temperature is now between 45 and 48 °C (113 - 118,4 ° F) while playing ET. the FPS seem to be more stable now but i have to test it again when jay 1 has more players on it. it is an amd cooler so i think it is the stock cooler.
  9. hunkmegs is set to 512, zonemegs 24, soundmegs 32, changing r_primitives to 0 makes it worse. setting com_maxfps to 76 indeed makes it a bit smoother but whenever the yellow "triangles" occur on the lag-o-meter it starts to get worse again and the players are warping around. furthermore the fps don't seem to be stable even with 76, it is flactuating fast between 76 and 7-something. regarding piledriver -> insert wat.jpg i turned off cool n' quiet and C1E was already deactivated (couldn't find anything for C3) while core c6 mode is still on - it is still the same. the core temp is at ~ 69 °C (156,2 °F) when i play ET.
  10. i found the DVD and (re)installed the chipset drivers + video card driver. the fps still drop - i tested it on venice (15v15) at the tank barrier and they went down to 70-80. as i said, they only drop at certain spots. i will do that on the weekend and keep you updated if that will help or not!
  11. sorry, i have an asrock 970 pro3. tbh, i have no clue what chipset drivers are nor where i can find them :S i read the whole thread and made the changes + set the option to "performance". it didn't help. thanks, check your pm.
  12. hi, whenever the server gets fuller (i think it starts at 14v14) i am experiencing a fluctuation of the fps. the fps go down to 50-80 at certain spots on every map (e.g. under the bridge on goldrush or near mountains on capuzzo) which makes the game unsmooth as hell and therefore unplayable. it seems like that this only occurs on jay1 whereas the other servers are fine (silent, jay3). setting the core priority to one core doesn't help, r_primitives is set to 2, i have the newest nvidia driver installed, threaded optimization / triple buffering is off. my specs are: windows 7 64 bit amd fx 8320 nvidia gtx 1050 8 gb ddr3 acer gn246hl 144 hz thanks in advance for any help!
  13. as mentioned above by destiny, with the current state of the etpro playerbase (and ET's playerbase in general) it will be difficult to have a somewhat decent amount of players that play on a regular basis UNLESS you want to host weekly events / gamenights. the past has shown that this will last only for a couple of weeks, maybe 3-4 months if you are lucky. the activity will drop to 0 afterwards. best of luck with your plan though. i like the idea of a 3v3 cup hosted by FA and would love to participate in it.

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