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  1. After the latest windows update (August 2019), my COD4 keeps crashing. I've tried unistalling/reinstalling, nothing works. I'm running windows 10, 64 bit. I was on COD4 1.8 before the crash, non-Steam version (hard copy). Anyone facing similar problems?
  2. Server is desperately stuck, can someone fix this? There's a new rotation (I think the problem started from there), but it doesn't work.
  3. I think it's time to alter the rotation a bit. Preferably replace one S&D map with a sabotage one. I find two S&D maps too many. Also, perhaps it's time for Killhouse to go, now that maps are usually full of people.
  4. It's so nice to see new blood populating FA bastions, especially when new people are of such great quality as Sonofdoc. Congrats friend, and may COD4 never die!
  5. There have been some complaints about S&D lasting so long. Also, it is not the most popular game mode. If we have to break the monotony of TDM, why not use some other game modes too, like sabotage or domination?
  6. Timmy is an invaluable server helper and a good friend. It's only natural that he's given member status, surprised it took so long.
  7. Yes, I second what Spyder said; the server is getting full with new people we haven't seen before. Expert eyes for catching hackers are needed, and also, admins to keep newbies in check, teach them to behave, etc. I join whenever I can after work, but I only see Spyder (heroically camping if not playing) and DJ (from time to time). We need more admins!
  8. I hop on and off the server, I see sonofdoc and timmertick camping there often. Sometimes I manage to play a bit with a few passing-by non regulars. I fear the upgrade has killed the server, none of the regulars have followed it, not even the DFU guys. I've only seen Galt around, and he too has gone absent recently. I'll keep visiting.
  9. My alias is meant to honour the Greek resistance against Nazi Germany, when the country was occupied during WWII. It was a massive and heroic resistance, one of the most determined ones in Europe. The picture in my profile is a historic photo of one such Partisan. If you want to read more about it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_Resistance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axis_occupation_of_Greece
  10. I had the same problem. Sonofdoc sent me this link and it works on my laptop rig, have to try it on my main computer though. Try it out, hope it works. By the way, I'm not using Steam, perhaps a different solution is required there. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1ufb7xwazrxtq2/iw3mp.exe?dl=0 I just downloaded it and replaced the old one with this, in the COD4 files.
  11. Thank you, Daredevil, for this warm and heartfelt post, but above all, thank you for making this community come true and maintaining it for all these years. I've had some great moments in our servers, in game jokes and teases that I was often recalling afterwards and bursting to laughter; wonderful people, kind, supportive, with a great sense of humour, humane and mature; and a great gaming environment, free of hacks and injustices. I've been a regular in FA servers for as long as I remember playing COD4, and that is a long, long time. FA servers won me from the start due to their quality and that of their membership, and came to frequent them almost exclusively many years before I finally became a clan member. I remember Speed as a player (a memory he might want to erase ), and learned a lot from Forsaken, a legend back in those years. I remember Abnerdog, in honour of whom my favourite server was named. And many, many others...people came and left, and some I miss a great deal. But the intimate place where the fellowship hanged out have always been the FA servers. For this, they have earned a very special place in my heart, became a part of my life. Though I sometimes flirt with the notion of abandoning COD4 at last (as you say, all things end), I always find myself returning. It's by no means the game anymore, COD4 is by now a very old game; it's the community, the nostalgia, the reluctance to let a piece of my life and emotions go. I echo what you said about "first love". Us old-timers understand perfectly each other, having shared the same old love. So if God permits it, no, not this year. And once again, thank you so much for all you have offered us, a part of us will always be indebted to you.
  12. Thanks a lot, sonofdoc, much appreciated.
  13. Beginners is always empty when I check. Should I upgrade or something? I don't use Steam for COD4.

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