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  1. It pains me to see it dead, after all these years of fun and so many memories, so whatever you guys decide I'm behind you.
  2. Our Beginners server was thriving after the switch to the 1.8 version and with considerable effort from several members and regulars. Until a few months ago, when suddenly players started abandoning it en masse, probably going back to the 1.7 version. I had some technical problems and couldn't join, but nowadays the server seems dead. Is there anybody out there, willing to give it a try, or has the time come to finally close the door of our F|A COD4 server? https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  3. OK, found it. It was the damn sound, the stereo mix! The windows update somehow had turned it off, and the game refused to run after that. Thankfully, some guy on the internet mentioned the problem, else I would have never thought of it. I mean, how the hell do they make things so complicated and easy to mess up? Anyway, thanks for the suggestions guys and for answering my distress signal.
  4. No, no error reports. It just starts loading and then crashes on desktop.
  5. After the latest windows update (August 2019), my COD4 keeps crashing. I've tried unistalling/reinstalling, nothing works. I'm running windows 10, 64 bit. I was on COD4 1.8 before the crash, non-Steam version (hard copy). Anyone facing similar problems?
  6. Server is desperately stuck, can someone fix this? There's a new rotation (I think the problem started from there), but it doesn't work.
  7. I think it's time to alter the rotation a bit. Preferably replace one S&D map with a sabotage one. I find two S&D maps too many. Also, perhaps it's time for Killhouse to go, now that maps are usually full of people.
  8. It's so nice to see new blood populating FA bastions, especially when new people are of such great quality as Sonofdoc. Congrats friend, and may COD4 never die!
  9. There have been some complaints about S&D lasting so long. Also, it is not the most popular game mode. If we have to break the monotony of TDM, why not use some other game modes too, like sabotage or domination?
  10. Timmy is an invaluable server helper and a good friend. It's only natural that he's given member status, surprised it took so long.
  11. Yes, I second what Spyder said; the server is getting full with new people we haven't seen before. Expert eyes for catching hackers are needed, and also, admins to keep newbies in check, teach them to behave, etc. I join whenever I can after work, but I only see Spyder (heroically camping if not playing) and DJ (from time to time). We need more admins!
  12. I hop on and off the server, I see sonofdoc and timmertick camping there often. Sometimes I manage to play a bit with a few passing-by non regulars. I fear the upgrade has killed the server, none of the regulars have followed it, not even the DFU guys. I've only seen Galt around, and he too has gone absent recently. I'll keep visiting.

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