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  1. Perhaps you could visit there and "spice it up"! ...oh wait, that looks like a squirt-gun being used to put OUT a fire!
  2. That pic of the "gold-plated AK's" remind me of the stories about Saddam Hussein and two of his sons. They seem to be blocking access to the A/C and the music! / /
  3. That is why I did not include this in the quote... Probably meaning this player " https://liquipedia.net/overwatch/Fl0w3R "
  4. Do you mean like this?
  5. I checked my !help on Silent#1 just now and found: help: help for 'resetmystats': Description: Reset your statistics: SMG kills and deaths, K/D rating and PRW rating. Syntax: !resetmystats Uh, I just checked the Nipper's info and his smg kill/death was not reset, unless he got 13199 / 7810 very quickly???
  6. Why do I immediately have fears for their marriage?
  7. Let us know if you ever notice any other symptoms... Does anyone know how someone could lose their stats (KD & PRW) but not their XP on a Silent-mod server? (other than a server DataBase error?) BTW, NippleFlicker could not make his tagged-up name 'fit', so he plays as =F|A=NipFlick now.
  8. RedBaird


    His Alias of " *Own!X* " shows on TBS as exclusively on FA-Beginners since 8 August : https://et.trackbase.net/?mod=playerinfo&idx=5884717&show=server so it is not the "lose XP after gone 30 days from server" issue. His profile GUID shows on jay#3 as "level 3, trusted regular" and as last seen on server 13.5 hours ago.
  9. I did not recognize you, with your new "bosoms"! "Nancy reacted to this" with a :sad: I was referring to the bosoms on your avatar vis a vis the Real Nancy Kerrigan.
  10. We get "returnees" all the time! Some things have changed...
  11. "Losing" your xp should only happen if you 'lose' your etkey file from etmain (jay & NQ) or your silent.dat file from your Silent mod folder. Save both of those files somewhere off of your computer so that you can easily restore your XP and FA-ID easily if tragedy should strike. Neither do I. I wonder if his file-paths are being messed up somehow? @NippleFlicker what is your version of ET (2.6b or ETlegacy) and what is your operating system? That might not work, as ET 2.6b seems to re-write the etconfig.cfg file during each session, with at least the ""seta r_lastValidRenderer "whatever GPU you have"" and perhaps other lines. A read-only etkey file might work, but if it is in the default location, then only ET should have permission to change it, normally. That is a thought, but his etconfig.cfg files should be written to during each ET session and thus be a "fresh" file. Nipple should at least protect his etkey, silent.dat and etconfig.cfg files from being "flicked". I have automatic online backups and local manual backups of those files. About every month, I copy my etconfigs to "etconfig#190815.cfg" (for a backup today, with the #date in 'traditional' computer-dating format). My online-backup sets include all text files in my ET installation, which includes all /condumps and *.cfg files. @NippleFlicker If you ever do lose your W:ET and/or your S:ET GUIDs, then you will have to re-enter any new ones into your profile before being setleveled to 11 again on the servers. Let us know immediately, so that we can unset your old GUIDs, too. Another thought: if ET somehow cannot "read" your etkey and/or silent.dat files, you could seem to lose your xp that way. I don't know if the FA server would try to download a new etkey or silent.dat file in that case or not. I will go check Silent#1 for the GUID that I had set you level 11 on there with... Here is the alias-history for the level 5 GUID that you had on Silent#1 yesterday, when I set you to level 11 there: __#__|_____First Seen______|______Last Seen______|_____Time Played____|__Name__ 1 | 2019-04-08 20:05:25 | 2019-08-14 23:53:39 | 16min 57s | ETPlayer 2 | 2019-08-14 23:46:22 | 2019-08-14 23:47:28 | 1min 17s | ******** 3 | 2019-05-10 18:25:53 | 2019-08-14 23:46:22 | 8d 7h 33min 18s | NippleFlicker! 4 | 2019-04-08 20:11:16 | 2019-08-14 23:41:48 | 1d 21h 44min 56s | madm!ke 5 | 2019-06-05 22:14:34 | 2019-06-05 22:18:57 | 4min 23s | |DOM|NippleFlicker! 6 | 2019-06-04 22:35:59 | 2019-06-04 22:36:27 | 28s | jidkfhiosuaf 7 | 2019-05-18 21:44:27 | 2019-05-18 21:44:32 | 5s | madmike 8 | 2019-05-07 19:05:03 | 2019-05-10 15:32:23 | 22min 16s | NippleFlicker By that history, you have had the same Silent.dat file and S:ET for moths. Your XP should be saving on Silent#1 okay, UNLESS you have not connected to the server for 30 days. All of us can "lose our XP" that way. OKAY: It looks like there is a connection-gap between "2019-06-05 " and "2019-08-14 " on Silent#1, which would cause you to lose your XP there. You might have different names when you connect to an FA Silent server if you had just came there from another Silent server after playing on that one with a "not NippleFlicker" name. (Now that you are a level-11 FA Trial member, you should not use your FA-GUID to play on other clans' servers, where it could be "stolen".) XP is saved on each server and not across all FA servers. (Except for a situation with the NQ servers.) This jumbled reply is typical of me. I tend to use such posts as a "trouble-shooting" record. (* BTW, DoubleDragon 'reacted' to this post before I had finished. He can 'retract' his reaction if he is now disappointed. *)
  12. He is on Silent#1 right now and it seems that his etkey file got through the transfer okay, his Silent.dat file did not survive the trip. Uh, maybe not the etkey, either???
  13. Do you mean that you have this problem on the FA Hardcore and NQ servers? They use different mods.
  14. One comment on that 'cardboard gun' video: Samuel xD 9 months ago ∧__∧ ( >ω<) (っ▄︻▇〓▄︻┻┳═ /  ) / \
  15. I did a RL LOL at the barber-pic.
  16. One day, I found myself imitating a 180-script when exiting the allied 2nd spawn on Marrakech. I found my self spinning 180 degrees and running backwards, so that I could check the balcony for axis back-shooters. I had never planned it or even thought of doing it, I just did it somehow!
  17. TBS shows a white-name "Baguette Smoret " as playing connected to NQ#1 some 8 hours ago https://et.trackbase.net/player/6017974/ with no more than a tiny green playtime on the second connection. The pings were very different, too. An older, colored version of the profile names as "Baguette Smoret' " is shown as playing on Jay#1 (81%), Beginners#2 and NQ#1 some 180 days ago. AHH, now I see that he had made this post here about 8 hours ago, too!
  18. The most common reason for seeing something like that error is that you did a /disconnect or were disconnected for some other reason. Many people then try to reconnect to the same server and get an error as below. This does not sound like your problem, but I thought that I should mention it. reconnect doers not work in this case and one should either reload the mod or connect to another server and then return to the first one.
  19. /did not! locked a 14-month-old topic, although perhaps I should leave it open to attract spambots.
  20. I just test-fired the the various automatic weapons on NQ#1 I get the 'extra sounds" with the Thompson, mp-40, mp34, fg42, browning mg, sten ,dual-lugers and maybe with the venom. It does not seem to happen with the MG42, but it fires quickly anyway. I had also noticed the smg-sound last week. It reminded me somewhat of the fast-firing on Beginners#1, but not quite. The magazines empty in 5 seconds in full-auto on both NQ#1 and #2. It starts after the first few shots on full automatic. The other players don't seem to have the issue. I will have to run a local server and see what happens.
  21. The "Norwegian boats" got my LOL!
  22. That sounds about right for PanzerWar's panzer-damage and XP-gained.
  23. Yes, they are technically correct, but many people, upon seeing the advert for "1100 GMT", will assume that that means "1100 London time". I was going to be on Jay#3 at 0300 my local time, just in case, but I early.
  24. Uhoh, my hasty advertising-bind has been telling players "1200 London Time", although that is 1100 GMT, actually. Three hours and three minutes to go!
  25. RedBaird

    Help me.

    An old etkey file of mine starts with 20-some decimal numbers and ends with binary-characters like these. ²)&pLf“è¹/)nDƒ€«Qigœí°€«QiU‘L€«Qi)nDƒL€gL€«Qigœí°É

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