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  1. You can have the adult form as a pet, but watch out for the Wild-Childs!
  2. It seems that that particular type of "puss moth" is found in Europe and North Africa. The caterpillar will spray formic acid as a defensive measure. Do not touch it! The North American Puss Moth caterpillar seems even worse! Wikipedia says: "It has numerous common names, including southern flannel moth for its adult form, and puss caterpillar, asp, Italian asp, woolly slug, opossum bug, puss moth, tree asp, or asp caterpillar for its larval form. " (Notice all those "asp" variations, from the venomous asp snake said to be used in Cleopatra's suicide! ) " The inch-long larva is generously coated in long, luxuriant hair-like setae, making it resemble a tiny Persian cat, the characteristic that presumably gave it the name "puss". " "The caterpillar is regarded as a dangerous insect because of its venomous spines. Exposure to the caterpillar's fur-like spines leads to an immediate skin irritation characterized by a "grid-like hemorrhagic papular eruption with severe radiating pain." Victims describe the pain as similar to a broken bone or blunt-force trauma. The reactions are sometimes localized to the affected area, but are often very severe, radiating up a limb and causing burning, swelling, nausea, headache, abdominal distress, rashes, blisters, and sometimes chest pain, numbness, or difficulty breathing. " DO NOT touch this little bugger! (This pic is from Kent Island, Maryland, USA.) DO NOT go near the EurAfrican one, either!
  3. I should make a new ring-tone from that sound!
  4. Comment on YouTube: letso1000 1 month ago "wow, jag älskar fortnite" translates to "wow, i love fortnite"
  5. Do you mean "Windows Defender", the default antivirus+system-protection program from MicroSoft?
  6. - 37 | 49 | 31 | 55 | 58 | 83 | 64 | appears to be another Qwest node ISP: CenturyLink Organization: CenturyLink AS Number: AS209 Qwest Communications Company, LLC
  7. Testing Robustness "(Note: This testing does not irritate or harm the robot.) "
  8. I am surprised that Smilodons celebrate birthdays!
  9. Here is a hint for you: I don't think that 43 is 'old' anymore! F|A has several anti-cheat programs automatically watching for cheaters. Admins and players can post demos of suspected cheaters, which are then 'inspected' by the Clan Members. I don't Hate cheaters, I just feel sorry for them. The Struggle, The TeamWork and The Fight are the fun elements of the game, not The Winning !
  10. I think that most of us have better computers and Internet connections than when we first played ET. The ET community has a larger body of knowledge now and our clan-forums software is improved, too! The Battle Against Cheaters goes on.
  11. An "exploded" RX580: OP said, " My RX 580 decided to explode today. F " A reply, " Just in time for the new RX 590, is AMD blowing up GPUs on purpose now? "
  12. Did you mean "Easter Lines" like these? https://www.gotlines.com/lines/easter.php
  13. I just remembered that "/r_primitives 2" might help him...(an FA server had that suggestion-banner ) See next post for .r...'s very gracious correction of my error here. I forgot to re-read first post!
  14. When I had to play via a core2 duo laptop from 2006(?), I had to set the graphics to low-res. I still got 'lag' when there were a lot of players in view in open areas. I would 'run through the tunnels' on Hydro-Dam and avoid the top of the dam. Google-Porguguese : Google Português: Quando eu tive que jogar através de um laptop coreo duo de 2006 (?), Eu tive que configurar os gráficos para baixa resolução. Eu ainda tenho 'lag' quando havia muitos jogadores à vista em áreas abertas. Eu iria 'correr pelos túneis' na Hydro-Dam e evitar o topo da represa.
  15. I did a little experiment and "corrupted" a copy of the jaymod 220 by removing some folders from inside of it. Jaymod was not phased at all. It downloaded a new version of 220 and played right on. My etconsole.log showed these lines: Need paks: jaymod/jaymod-2.2.0.pk3 (local file exists with wrong checksum) Need paks: @jaymod/jaymod-2.2.0.pk3@jaymod/jaymod- It left the corrupted 220 in the jaymod folder and played the game with the "jaymod-" file!
  16. My auto-download worked fine. = moved "jaymod-2.2.0.pk3" to a finance folder and connected to jay#2. The 220 downloaded in a few seconds and the server started right up. = I replaced the 220 with a "jaymod-2.1.8.pk3 " and the 220 downloaded right away and my ET connected to jay2.
  17. Jaymod 2.2.0 should auto-download when you connect to an =F|A= Jaymod server and put its pk3s into your Jaymod folder. Perhaps some of your download cvars are missing or unset. Thanks @Buckwild I will have to remove my own jay220 pk3 and make sure that it does auto-download from our 'redirect' server.
  18. This is just too cute! ('sweet_potato' is the closest emoji we have for just 'sweet', except perhaps for 'candy' )
  19. It may depend on what version of ET that you are using or were using back then. ET 2.55 made demo files with the extension of *.dm_82. ET 2.6 and 2.6b make files with the extension of *.dm_84. If your old demos have the extension of md_82, then you can just rename the extension to dm_84. The opposite is true, too. Here is a topic from 2012 where we discussed various demo techniques and problems.
  20. "Them"? How many had this problem? Do you mean the first two posters here?
  21. Did you try a /reconnect or does that happene every time that you connect? Which server was that problem on?
  22. Situations like this, where local Television is giving live intelligence to the 'enemy', is a real problem in modern times.
  23. Ya gotta just love stereotypes!

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