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  1. RedBaird

    ET Legacy error

    That shows up twice and is translated from Portuguese to English by Google as : Could not find the specified module.
  2. It is the law in the USA that toy firearms have to have orange tips on their barrels, but that tank is ridiculous! (See? even that one has an orange-red tip!) I would ask @tipsy if he ever has cooking-trouble like that, but I can't tell if that is an African or and Indian elephant... How many think that that motorcycle engine has just started up?
  3. RedBaird

    Chat kick

    I wonder if that started happening after the October "Patch Tuesday", on the 8th? My Silent_crash.log may have just the single line as shown in Babelo's image, but I have never had it show up on the ET screen like that. Just "-8<------- Crash Information ------->8-" shows up when the file is displayed as being under 1kb. When the file is listed as 3kb, then it has much more 'crash data' in it... ...followed by some 44 DLL Names & addresses. The last line of the quoted file above contains: "Enemy Territory\silent\my_cgame_mp_x86.dll [0x3ad39e4e]" which shows that that an ET DLL had the problem. When I have a crash in Silent Mod, I look for the crash.log file and add the date to the name, just to preserve them. Mine have always "crashed to desktop". The above is from the file " silent_crash#170328.log ". ye-mo-da date format I suspect that if Babelo does have a crash.log file, then it only contains that one line. I do not know if a new crash overwrites any previous log file or if it appends new data to the file.
  4. TBS shows the "Rude!" name on Jay2 148 days ago. Jay#2 records show that name there 148 d ago, no HESS. Jay#1 records show neither name and the GUID from jay2 is not found there.
  5. I would like to ask that bovine if it had used that ladder to get up upon that steep roof, and does it have the video rights? Also, was the grass truly greener up there? Was there any grass at all? (It did make some holes in the shingles where dirt could accumulate and grass seed then grow.) I would like to encourage it in its efforts to jump over the moon. I woke up too early and feel too silly to face the day. Back to with me! ( <- if those eyes are closed, then I am asleep again.)
  6. It sounds like instead of giving the killer 27 or 50 "hits" from his flamer, it credited the victim with the 'hits' as 'deaths'!
  7. Definitely not "your Grandpa's legos!" Oh, No, a dead-end! He should have another engine on the rear end, like a real road-train might. BTW, in the USA, the "Dead End" signs are being replaced with "No Outlet" signs, as the older signs are too gruesome, or something...
  8. I usually use the Browser-version of Discord, keeping the tab open all the time in Chrome. If you did not 'install' it via your old phone, you probably cannot use that option now. I think that it had sent me confirmation text to reply to when I used that option.
  9. Oh, I can see pranksters using that material to hide your car! Oops, just hope that they don't put any on the road-side so that nobody tries to park in that spot! Criminals evading police chasers with it? The possibilities are endless!
  10. RedBaird

    New Record!

    It seems that I have 158 on Chrome ... er the history said I had 158 some 3 tabs ago, maybe that is the count on last shutdown? Chrome has 47 processes operating right now = 2.35GB. ... and I don't know how many will be open on FireFox, Edge, IE (pfft=very few), Opera when I do open them. Dare I try to open all the browsers at once? I have some bad habits, such as not returning to 'temporary open tabs'. I need a to-Do list for my tabs!
  11. That is okay. I added a link to here, saying that the game still "excites interest". Perhaps I should have merged the topics, but that would make your words here rather awkward.
  12. ACK! I still need to get my flu vaccination for this year! ACK, ACK!
  13. There is still enthusiastic interest in this game
  14. DareDevil had made a sub-forum for it in 2015 : ... and a search for "Dirty Bomb" finds a number of posts: https://fearless-assassins.com/search/?q="dirty bomb" NOTE: I added the "[Dirty Bomb]" to this topic's title.
  15. We normally discourage replying to "old topics", but catching up on the posts here was just too much fun, so I will leave this open. It was especially fun for me because I quit drinking alcohol years ago because of all the trouble that it had caused me. I DO NOT miss those mornings (or afternoons) the next day!
  16. I was planning to reply to the question, "Who is Nekomimi Sayori ?" with "I don't know, I will have to 'Google it'", until I realized that this is an Introduction Topic! I don't have to play "Where in the World is Nekomimi Sayori ?", because that is right in your application!
  17. I 'stole' a couple of DJ's pics and posted them my Family's FB pages, so I shall return one from them.
  18. RedBaird

    pk3 files

    I hope that he posts his fix here!
  19. I was soooo sure that they would fall on the taller roof, and had wondered how he would get them down from there.

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