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  1. It was restarted. Uptime is 6 hours 9 minutes ATM.
  2. OMG @ that "Men's 6-in-1" product!
  3. I finally looked up the word = "Oobleck and other pressure-dependent substances (such as Silly Putty and quicksand) are not liquids such as water or oil. They are known as non-Newtonian fluids. This substance's funny name comes from a Dr. Seuss book called Bartholomew and the Oobleck.May 2, 2011 " Yes, a mixture of corn-starch and water would be like that. Now I have to look up "oblique oobleck"! Come to think of it, squeezing that oobleck would seem to imitate an oblique maneuver!
  4. Yes, that was my first thought, too! A hair growing out of the hole in his head, above that damaged eye? I was not going to give away the solution! I was on the right track in wondering if I should rotate the pic, but first thought of 180 degrees. I will be posting that pic on my Dog-groomer nephew's FaceBook page, asking what kind of dog it is!
  5. What IS going on in that pic? Should I turn it upside down? My brain has not figured it out yet...maybe after I get fully awake. I give up...I had to "look it up", but now I understand and can at it and at myself.
  6. I first thought that an "oobleck" might be related to a "sleestak"! @Sleestak BTW, Mr. Slee, I came across a movie made in 2009, which the cable TV guide described as having "crazy-slow sleestaks" in it. It is probably a move homage to your favorite TV series from back in your youth.
  7. I wonder what the closing procedure is. That umbrella will really get some reactions in RL.
  8. The ending made me say "oh, bad-word!" with a big smile, poor kid!
  9. That "MIWA Random TenKey" = ( This keypad randomizes the numbers every time so someone doesn't figure out the password from your hand movements ). That 'cabin over the creek' reminds me of a saying in the USA, "The good Lord willing, and creek doesn't rise"... which most assume is about creeks flooding their banks. (Some others say that the original quote was about the "Creek Indian tribe" in the USA, rising up to do battle.) A 'cabin on the creek' usually means on the banks of a creek or river or somesuch. Maybe a flood deposited that cabin there?
  10. BTW, thanks for the forums-glitch report via "Contact Us"!
  11. Did you mean the "etmain" folder inside your Wolfenstein Enemy Territory folder? "etmalen" translates from the Dutch as "days" and "malen" as "grind". (Google Translate) If you have have created an "etmalen folder" and put an etkey file into it, then ET won't find it and will not make a cl_Guid for you. MattaMattaNLD sent me a PM in reply to my question, saying "it did autocorrect me, i have it in the etmain folder, " I advised him to reply here to DareDevil's question about what Operating System he is using.
  12. RedBaird

    F|A member

    You can't put on FA tags unless your admin level is set to 11 or higher. Your current GUID won't be set to any admin level until we figure out why your account was banned. The odd thing is that your old account still shows you as level 12 , but now as User. Try to log onto your *Rail* account now. I will confirm the situation with DareDevil. https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/16473-rail/
  13. The *.cfg files are edited by ET when you change your name with /name newname or use the menus to edit it. I save copies of my ET etconfig files every few months, just in case. Strange changes can occur sometimes.
  14. FA has added a name-editing window to the Jaymod menu. If you join Jay#1,2 or 3 and open the menu | Jaymod | Display menu page, you will see a 'Colors' section at the bottom. It has a name-editing window and displays come of the ^color codes. You can use that to color your name in Jaymod! (Thanks to Shana!)
  15. OIC, DoubleDragon's method just changes your Jaymod name. Below, I was thinking of your etmain profile name. I was going to say to Start ET , without joining a server Hit menu, then Profile You can hit the rename tab and enter a new Profile name Hit mod and select jaymod see if your Jaymod name is the new name or is the last one that you used on jaymod if you don't see your new name, then just do a /name Matasanos in the console. That should be saved for the next time that you play on Jaymod#1. Another way to do it is to Join Jay#1, open the console and type /seta name Matasanos (that will set your main profile name).
  16. DJ's vid: He hit the accelerator, not the brakes! ("Damned Tesla", she was saying, until he started laughing.) Vind's vid: Where did that coral steal that brain from?
  17. Has DJ's Blonde been doing some kind of Yoga??? Hey, @LeftWingVixen
  18. @Vindstot Maybe you should not start using "AmerInd", as some websites describe it as 'old-fashioned' or 'falling out of use'. It seems to have started as the name for one of two major Native American language groups in the Western Hemisphere. N. American Amderinds are said to prefer the term "Native Americans" now, which leaves open the preferred name for S.American Indios now. Don't worry, it will all change again during your lifetime, as do other terms and words.
  19. My first thought on reading the first few lines of this review was, "spambot that I will have to ban", but then I noticed that Raider- has 133 posts. So I read a few more lines and then a few more and... This is a Labour Of Love! If my very-long-lived G500 ever godamn wears out, I do have this post recorded. '' Thanks Oh, I found a problem with it! The glossy mice weigh 1 gram more than the matte mice do!
  20. Some academics in the USA are using the term "AmerInds" now. (or is that out of favor already?) I will be sending Vindstot's video to my dog-grooming nephew and I will ask him, "how would you trim this creature?"
  21. Why did I LOL @ the "Death, pain and fire" line? Who knows? Grumpy Cat knows!

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