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  1. I enjoyed the woman's voice much more than the "music". Was that a fake video? Oh, I saw in the comments, "t’s supposed to be toxic by Britney Spears " Area code 858 is for Poway, California... AND that hold music is still playing, at 1-858 924 0180 I just heard it! It is RL-real! BUT, I suspect that is is a "joke" 800-number that someone is paying for. There is no organization announced at the beginning, just the woman giving you the happy news that "you are important to us" or some such. Good One! This is claimed to the be source of the "music".
  2. The first one, Internet-personality vs. RL-personality!
  3. This reminds me of a black buddy that I had in the U.S. Army. He grew up in Chicago or Detroit, and said that the people there called the Winter Wind off of that Great Lake, "The Hawk". I will bet that he could have used a coat as in DJ's post.
  4. Are you selling the images in your Member's Gallery???

    1. RedBaird


      reaction_love.png Right back at ya!  :D 

    2. 0siE.


      I have no word :) you're so sweet ah ah Thanks to be that benevolent (google trad) :) You're good ambassador for FA and Im proud to be in.

    3. RedBaird


      I had just confused myself..again. 

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  5. Game Day? Would have to make it plain that that is not "normal" play.
  6. He might be able to save his profile and/or cfg and then let ET create a new one with default settings. Then see what last_validrenderer is...just for a clue.
  7. That is one disadvantage of electric cars: nobody can bring you a gallon of electricity. Most such cars have to be towed away. I hope that a friend brought that generator and "a gallon of gas", instead of the driver having them in the trunk/boot all the time.
  8. Oh, Dear! I was a again and failed to vote.
  9. Gotta love that ping-pong paddle go/no go signaler.
  10. @HucKa Thanks for the suggestions! I am still working on setting admins' levels there...
  11. That seems to be a fairly accurate depiction of a British ww2 raid on a German drydock in France. It has the major elements from the Youtube documentary that I had watched, except for the suicidal run-in with under-armed light boats and their escape. It is said that the German soldiers had treated their captives with the utmost respect, despite their losses.
  12. "Working perfectly" after letting ET use the default values and presumably tailor the cfg for your machine is Very Interesting. You did have a lot of cvars that my etconfig does not have, such as the etj_cvars, which is for the etJump mod! : https://etjump.readthedocs.io/en/2.1.0/client/client_cvars/ Actually, it seems like a mod-specific cvar should not be in the etmain/etconfig, but rather in the mod's/pofile/etconfig. My etmain/etconfig does not have any "b_cvars" as for Etpro. I do have 285 "b_cvars" in my etpro/etconfig. AH, this was someone's Autoexec.cfg ?
  13. Looks suspicious. I have no such cvar in my etmain/profile/../ etconfig.cfg or in Jaymod. The FA Cvar list page : https://fearless-assassins.com/enemy-territory-cvars.html/ says " r_displayRefresh ETMain Client Can set the refresh rate of monitor? "
  14. D..X gets the Daily Award for "First RedB RL LOL of the Day" with those words. DJ is usually the winner, but did get the Second Award of the Day with his post. (Cheep will have a new avatar?)
  15. Not a "stray cat" any more? :D 

  16. RedBaird

    Silent HC Issue

    I finally noticed something about Tru Blood's SS. The top line seems to be "profiles//-hud.dat" I think that it should be "profiles/base-name/-hud.dat. My line in that startup area in console shows as "profiles/redbaird/-hud.dat It is as though you have no profile name in the Silent mod folder. The next line "No HUD specified, default HUD loaded" might be implying the same thing. I don't find any "-hud.dat" anywhere in my Silent/profiles folder. I do see a number of HUD cvars in my etconfig.cfg file. I wonder if that "-hud.dat" might be a temporary collection of all the HUD cvars that is being passed to ET.exe to create the HUD for that mod. When you first downloaded the Silent-mod-files from the server, ET should have copied the profiles/yourNmae/etconfig.cfg from the ETmain/profile folder. A search found that a few others have reported that "no HuD found...", but they do have a proper path showing: profiles/slowtobi/-hud.dat = unlike your "profiles//-hud.dat", it does have a profile name in the path, but has the same "no HUD" line next. No HUD specified, default HUD loaded So having a default HUD is not a problem, but I am still worried about that // in that filepath. I suggest that you navigate to your Wolfenstein ... / Silent folder and see if that has a profile folder with a name-folder, and if that name-folder has an etconfig.cfg file in it.
  17. There is at least one Special Topic that will have no time-limits. That is the one where DD asks "who is still here from 2008?" (or was it 2009?)
  18. I forgot to congratulate you!  (and one other :( )



    2 million XP Award

    Awarded December 17, by DJ aka GDR DJ


  19. Congratulations! :o 



    2 million XP Award

    Awarded 16 hours ago, by DJ aka GDR DJ


    1. Kai
    2. RedBaird


      I don't know how that :o got into my first message here! :?: 

  20. RedBaird


    Do you mean the "name.cfg" file? That won't work if the name.cfg is in a sub-folder of etmain. All of the mods' folders should be in the same "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory" that etmain is in. (FA mods = Jaymod, Silent, NQ/NoQuarter, Nitmod) If you have a ^-codes-colored-name in your name.cfg, then you should be able to copy that (without any / or commands and paste it into the name-field on the Silent-mod ET-options menu. Or just open the console, type /name and paste the ^-codes-colored-name in and press enter. That should at least set it for Silent-mod servers. When all is working, then you can try /seta name ^-codes-colored-name in the console. That /seta should set your etmain/profiles/name/efconfig.cfg to have that name.

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