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  1. DareDevil had made a sub-forum for it in 2015 : ... and a search for "Dirty Bomb" finds a number of posts: https://fearless-assassins.com/search/?q="dirty bomb" NOTE: I added the "[Dirty Bomb]" to this topic's title.
  2. We normally discourage replying to "old topics", but catching up on the posts here was just too much fun, so I will leave this open. It was especially fun for me because I quit drinking alcohol years ago because of all the trouble that it had caused me. I DO NOT miss those mornings (or afternoons) the next day!
  3. I was planning to reply to the question, "Who is Nekomimi Sayori ?" with "I don't know, I will have to 'Google it'", until I realized that this is an Introduction Topic! I don't have to play "Where in the World is Nekomimi Sayori ?", because that is right in your application!
  4. I 'stole' a couple of DJ's pics and posted them my Family's FB pages, so I shall return one from them.
  5. RedBaird

    pk3 files

    I hope that he posts his fix here!
  6. I was soooo sure that they would fall on the taller roof, and had wondered how he would get them down from there.
  7. RedBaird

    guid key currupt

    @hadyn did you make a backup copy of your etkey file somewhere off of your computer? Some people "email it to themselves" and leave it on the email server.
  8. RedBaird

    pk3 files

    That just has the 'header text' in it and no useful info.
  9. RedBaird

    pk3 files

    I am putting some log results here for future searchers with the same problem(s). Exception Code: 0xc0000005 Event ID: 1000 Task Category: (100) I will have to search through that same log to find what I had when ET last crashed on me. It happens occasionally, but is never continuous. If you were on a Silent-mod server, then you can look in your Silent folder for a "silent_crash.log", which may give some info. I have some with info and some have no info. (BTW, I add the date to the filename, in the format of #191031 so that it is saved and not overwritten.) One that I just found also has the same exception fault. (ALL that I found with content had that same error!) Version: 0.8.2 Win32 ET Version: ET 2.60b Map: school Exception: Access violation (0xc0000005) Exception Address: 0x4205b0cd DLL Information: 0x00400000 ET 0x771f0000 ntdll 0x74d70000 kernel32 0x76be0000 KERNELBASE and on with many other modules that were in use at the time. I am not sure how much it would be to you or your helpers here, but the Silent moderators want the crash-logs sent to them, so they must have some value.
  10. RedBaird

    guid key currupt

    Seen right now on Beginners#1 / Jay#3
  11. I hereby award DJ with award, "RedB's First Giggle-Storm of the Day"! (Mommy, my stomach hurts now. ) Mommy told me to not laugh so much!
  12. RedBaird

    guid key currupt

    Hadyn replied to my PM saying that the exact error statement was, "game code (cgame_mp_x86.dll) failed pure server check ". I did a search for that phrase and passed on sent two possible fixes, 1. Run ET as administrator 2. Run the FA PK3-autocleaner. (removes certain 'junk' files that may interfere with normal operations) One bit of advice would not work unless Hadyn leaves his computer on all the time: restart ET and/or restart the computer.
  13. RedBaird

    guid key currupt

    Okay, that is the "modern-type etkey", which we had to start using after PunkBuster stopped downloading one to us Those old PB_ETKEY files also had some binary data in them, which is why I wanted you to look at it. I just sent you a PM and you can copy the digits from the etkey and paste them into a a reply to me. (Do Not post them in public or someone can cause problems! ) I experimented by removing one of the digits in my 28-digit etkey and was able to join Beginners#1 with it. The server did tell me to take my clan-tag off, which means that it does require 28-digits. That definitely is not the same as your problem. Be sure to save your etkey (and the silent.dat file from the silent folder) somewhere off of your computer, just in case. The next step is to try to connect to the other FA Jaymod servers and see what happens. Our NoQuarter servers also use the GUID produced from our etkey files to save our xp and other data. You could try to join them too. Get a picture of the error display. The easiest way might be to take a mobile-pic of it and upload that. I suspect that 'normal' methods of getting an ScreenShot won't work in this case. for you ToDo next: 1) reply to the PM that I just sent to you and reply with a copy of your etkey (not in public ) 2) try to join the other FA Jaymods and perhaps the NoQuarters, to see if they give the same error as Begin#1 3) get a pic of the error statement and post it here (I can try looking at the source-code to see what conditions produce that). BTW, what operating system do you use? and I can see that you were on Jay#1 Recruiting last Saturday the 26th. Try connecting there again and see what happens.
  14. RedBaird

    guid key currupt

    You should have an "etkey" file in your wolfenstein/etmain folder. Copy it to a flash-drive or something, as a first step. It has no extension. I can see the GUID generated from your etkey on Beginners#1 from 2 days ago. Your record on Silent#1 shows no W:Et (pb GUID). Can you connect to the other FA jaymods, Jay #1 and Jay#2 (=F|A= RECRUITING and =F|A= #2 XPSAVE ) ? The Jaymod servers save your XP based on your PB_GUID (aka W:ET), while the Silent servers use a different guid (S:et). If you cannot connect to Beginners#1( aka Jay#3), but can connect to the others jays, then that is a 'clue'.
  15. Here is the original version, before Rockwell had it re-done by a professional voice-actor. The comments after both videos are Hilarious, such as "this is how you feel when you fall asleep and then wake up in engineering classes."
  16. I was on a few hours ago and was surprised to see GoldenDunk_a2 on the map-vote-list. Is that a "stable" version for us? It played okay with 2 humans and 10 bots on. Does NQ#1 normally have an inactivity-put-to-spec? It didn't move me. ...and a BIG for all of the work you that did on the maps and files for GameDay! I was a witness to some of your testing yesterday, Friday night.
  17. DareDevil does not want us to move, putspec or do anything like that with the bots for fear that it might crash the server(s). (or is it "crash the bots"?)
  18. Passed on your info to @daredevil (but he would have seen this anyway). ACK, D..X 'd me!
  19. DJ does not get my "First RL LOL of the Day", but he does get my "First RL Oh, S*** of the Day!"
  20. When I made my gameday.cfg advertising bind, I copied CheepHeep's colors, except that I did gray for black. I did make different orange-shades in the same places. Here are the codes, if you wish to use them: ^8=F^y|^aA= ^8H^aal^8l^yo^8W^ae^ye^8n G^ya^8m^aed^ya^8y^a! Actually, his 'black' is not really black, but I see a dark-gray here??
  21. I need to lose some weight so that I can return to playing like this! I was :amazed: !
  22. Yes, so if I do keep it going 2 hours longer, then BST becomes GMT and Londoners can play until 0200 when their time magically becomes 0100 and they find themselves not "up toooo late"! OOh! My best run-on sentence yet!

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