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  1. 9 hours ago, Xiahou Dun said:

    Well, those 5 years are 2 months of gameplay and 4 years waiting in spec for panzer 😁


    Sorry DJ, but Xiahou Dun wins today's "Award for RedBaird's First RL LOL of the Day".  Actually it was more of a "guffaw" than an LOL. 


    We are doing just fine, as long as we can laugh at ourselves as we tease each other.


    5 minutes ago, DJ aka GDR DJ said:


    cough panzerfaust bug cough 😂



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  2. 4 hours ago, Owned said:

    Asus B85M-G Rev X.ox

    https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/B85MG/  (The image might not precisely match your mobo, given version changes, aka "Rev X.ox" etc.  The latter may have more to do with the BIOS/UEFI.  It looks like you have the ability to copy the BIOS data to a USB-stick/drive and restore it that way! 😄 )


    The image shows 4 ram-slots, 2 yellow and 2 black.  The site says, " 2-channel (4 DIMM) DDR3 memory ".


    If you only have one stick of ram in it now, then you should add the second stick in a slot that matches the color that the first one is in.  That will give you "dual-channel" ram, which is 'faster' than sticks put into differently-colored slots.  Always add ram-sticks to make pairs and not odd-numbers.


    The Memory Support page : https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/B85MG/HelpDesk_QVL/


    The Help Desk for that mobo, with lots of Goodies :  https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/B85MG/HelpDesk/  (including the Manual, if you need it.)


    I built my system some 9 years ago with an ASUS ROG mobo.  Neither ASUS nor Microsoft would guarantee it for Win10.  It works fine, but I did have some trouble with the last major update.  I ended up getting my old PS/1 KB out after the third update attempt so that I could  restore the previous build. (USB was not working :o I kept delaying the update installation until they eventually made a version that my system can use. 🙏  




  3. 4 hours ago, Owned said:

    rom what i can remember there is a second slot present


    Okay, then you should not have to worry if the mobo is double- or triple-channel.  wrong! 


    My 9-year old system takes triple-channel, which means that I have to add ram in threes or else the 'channels' revert to single-channel and I lose that "multi-ram in a channel" advantage.  My experience may be out-of-date now.  😄  I don't know if adding an identical RAM-stick would give you dual-channel or not.  💤


    Maybe you can post info about your computers model ID (or mobo if you built it yourself), and someone can look it up.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Blunt said:

    a PEBCAK


    Webopedia definition : " PEBCAK is technical support shorthand (slang) for "Problem Exists between Chair and Keyboard". Generally this term is used by technical support personnel to describe a problem that was caused by the computer user as opposed to a technical problem with the physical computer equipment. "


    What is it called when they are On the Keyboard? 😄  PEOTK? 



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  5. 12 hours ago, GHARIB said:

    Spot on @RedBaird post


    That was a "known problem" some three years ago, and DareDevil was working with the developers about it then.  I don't know if DD had changed the filenames or what.


    Some FA servers run the ETLegacy server software now.  

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  6. 21 hours ago, -=HipKat=- said:

    "They call him, boss, boss ni**er" vsay

    This seems to be the source of the audio clip.  The movie seems to be similar to other "Blaxploitation" movies of the period, which usually involved big-city gun-totin' pimps and other criminals and cops. "Shaft" is the most famous one.   Many, many dramatic shoot-em-ups.  I had never heard of this movie before or heard the 'song' before.



    ‘Shaft’ Had Company: 10 Films That Defined the Blaxploitation Era


    I think that all of the vsay clips should be considered in the context of the movies that they came from. 


    I feel that "cancel culture" uses very simplistic equations.   Many slogans these days seem to be "mantras of anti-hatred" that ironically give permission to hate.  


    I feel that hate itself is corrosive, and should be used sparingly.  



    BTW, some cultures use "kaka" instead of "haha" and some players may type "kk" for laughter in games  In the USA, that puts people on "high alert".  :o 

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  7. Welll, this is somewhat political, but it IS Amusing.  Was that last signatory John Hancock? 


    It is also amusing that some people will put so much effort into such productions these days. 


    Five Finger Death Punch is a band from at least 2017 and they started their "5FDP QUARANTINE THEATER 2020 - EPISODE 1 - UNDER AND OVER IT  last April.


    They have quite a few videos on their YT-channel, so they are not amateurs, as such.

  8. 18 hours ago, RedBaird said:

    I just sent a PM to Ogeazy about a sensitive issue. 😄


    Ogeazy PM'd me back that he remembered the name as "Dungeon", on HardCore.  I did not find that name there, but I did find a "Dung30n", who has a Czech IP on the records.


    The IP that Dung30n had used on HC was used by an Advan profile  to register in 2015.  That may be why his attempt to register recently was blocked.  It could be a relative, too. 😄 

    The IP is said to be a VPN/Proxy by one site, but not by 4 others. :hmm 


    The IP that he had on HC was , but for one of his downloads in 2015 and a Poll Vote had a different last octet in the IP.  


    I will try to send an email to the 'registered email account' in the Advan account.


    If you HC guys & gals see him there, ask him if he had the Advan account here, but forgot his password.  If so, he can try to log on as Advan and press the "forgot password" button.  A "reset password link" will then be sent to the registered email account.





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  9. It could be as Blade said above.


    Quote from the IPBoard forums, in a topic with the same error code:


    Cause: The user email or IP address is listed in some black list or are directly blocked by the IPS Spam Service, of consecutive attempts to create an account in some forum (yours or any other that users IPS Spam Service).


    There is a more technical possible explanation, but I don't think that FA uses any "invite-link" systems.  (not like Discord). 


    If he is on Discord, then he can PM me his email and IP and I can check something.  I think that if he connects to this forum anonymously, then he can PM me, but will have to enter his email address, which might be what is blocking him.  Maybe.


    Some email services have had a lot of spam emails sent from them and are "blacklisted" by many spam-filters.



    I just sent a PM to Ogeazy about a sensitive issue. 😄


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  10. I don't know this kind of coding, but looking at the Stalingrad.script, the 'next goal', to destroy the West tank,  is never set.


    It looks like the author possibly expected the East tank to be destroyed first.  Perhaps the path to the other tank was supposed to be blocked until East was gone.


    The coding for the East tank has 2 more lines than the West tank has.  Perhaps those 2 'missing' lines have something to do with this problem.


    Maybe we have a "defective version" of the pk3 file? NO, I could only find Chuckun's file in our File Section.




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