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  1. 14 hours ago, minerva' said:

    university is killin me so ill just focus my free time on ET now. 


    Do not let us distract you from your studies too much! :o 


    But, ET  is a good way to clear your mind for a while.  😄 

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  2. 5 hours ago, L3ftY. said:

    ... and will be perfect for the annual FA get together! Great idea. BYOB lol?


    L M A O !! 😄 😄 😄 


    BTW, Butters, does this mean that you are retiring to Oregon?  


    Will your daughter be going to University in CA, NV or OR? 

  3. 12 hours ago, DJ aka GDR DJ said:



    Thank you for brightening my day, each and every day!   react_thanks.png



    (And for telling me to Go To Bed, when your PoTDs and MoTDs appear at 0200 my time! 💤 )




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  4. On 6/15/2021 at 9:05 PM, KillmaN said:

    I had to install ETLegacy for fix my problem, thanks for yours help 😘


    On 6/15/2021 at 9:30 PM, RumbleJunkie said:

    Interesting... I use Legacy; and when I was trying to get on S1, it kept closing wolf and opening a broken link 😕 


    :hmm DareDevil has recommended ETLegacy to us as "the future of ET", but it has seemed to also cause some problems for us. :( 

  5. 4 hours ago, ____Xaavi said:

    but it don't works online.


    It should.  @Buckwild has done it before, in Silent mod.  


    BTW, If you do get it going, do not share the IP with others on the FA Servers, the FA Forums or on FA Discord.  That might get you banned for "advertising". :( 



    Of course, we would prefer that you and your friends play on an FA server! 😄  

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  6. 4 hours ago, Kaasschaaf said:

    Not sure whether I like the girl or the cat most 😜


    Yes, heR laugh was infectious and we all LOL'd with her and at the cat!  I wish that I could start my day like that! 😮 


    (I might get caught up on my FA work then!)

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  7. Here is the TBS record for the name of " KillmaN  " in Chile:  https://et.trackbase.net/player/5017/



    Rank TSP Rank Clan Playername Rate TSP Rate Servername Total time Last Seen
    R 477 5777  KillmaN
    - - 79.5d




    It is past my bedtime.  Could someone look through the search results for "my_cgame_mp_x86.dll" https://fearless-assassins.com/search/?q="my_cgame_mp_x86.dll"&quick=1


    Hmm, here is a post with the same error on the same DLL at exactly the same address:  "Exception Address: 0x300a13b7"   He did not say if he got it to work again, though.

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  8. 1 hour ago, KillmaN said:

    i found this file. I dont understand this crash


         Near the top:


    ET Version: ET 2.60b
    Map: sp_delivery_te
    Exception: Access violation (0xc0000005)
    Exception Address: 0x300a13b7


       The Last line in the file;


    (0) C:\Program Files (x86)\Enemy Territory\silent\my_cgame_mp_x86.dll(dllEntry+0x1cd97) [0x300a13b7]


    Here is what the "cgame_mpx86.dll" files look like in my Silent folder:  




    Note the files sizes.  I had renamed the first file back in 2014 because of some problem.  Note how much larger it was than the "modified in 2021" version.  It also has some file-date corruption.  The 'good' one was created in 2013.


    6 hours ago, KillmaN said:

    I reinstalled but nothing I lose all my xp


    Before reinstalling ET, always backup/copy the silent.dat and the etkey files so that you can put them back in later.  They are what ET uses to generate your PB_GUID and SILENT_GUID, which is what the servers use to store your XP-info on their databases. 


    Reinstalling deletes those files and the Servers create new ones where they were.


    5 hours ago, Kaasschaaf said:

    First; make sure you copy your etkey file from the etmain folder (Jay and NQ) and/or your silent.dat file from your silent folder. The etkey file saves your xp. So safe it somewhere (for example email it to yourself,  or put in on an usb stick.


    1 hour ago, Leatherface said:

    0xc0000005 this error , by google it says it some windows error.


    The my_cgame_mp_x86.dll file tried to access memory that it has no rights to use.  "Access Violation" 



    If KillmaN reinstalled ET, then it might be some factor outside of that program.  I have never reinstalled ET, so I cannot say for sure that it replaces all files and deletes all config files in the profile folders and elsewhere. :?:   (or even if it deletes the Mods' folders)


    I would be tempted to run a scandisk to be sure that there is no HD file-system corruption or whatnot.

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  9. Google Quick results:



    When was PFOA banned?
    Two of the most common types (PFOS and PFOA) were phased out of production in the United States (US) in 2002 and 2015 respectively, but are still present in some imported products







    The Stadium Super Trucks (SST), officially the Speed Energy Stadium Super Trucks and formerly known as Speed Energy Formula Off-Road, is an American and Australian off-road racing series created by off-road racer and former IndyCar and NASCAR driver Robby Gordon in 2013.


    I had not heard of this before.   That special suspension that keeps the two back wheels on the track while the front end leans so much that the truck becomes a "three-wheeler"  = :?: 

  11. 2 hours ago, DJ aka GDR DJ said:



    Is that a "Boom Box"?


    2 hours ago, DJ aka GDR DJ said:



    That is probably near Marine Drive East, in Portland, OR 97217

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