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Status Updates posted by RedBaird

  1. Your S:ET guid is now correctomundo (or correctamundo) as Bart would say. :D 


    BTW, that slang is derived from the Spanish for "right world". Ha Ha!  I guess that is like "all is right in the World" or something???

  2. "15 Beautiful Croatian Phrases We Need in English"





    1. Nancy


      hih, every country slav has similar/same proverbs :) 

  3. Congratulations!  You are now "on Trial!"  :D 📣


    BTW, your level 11 cannot be set on any Silent server until you put your S:ET guid into your profile.



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    2. RedBaird


      1943, They really had "esprit de corps" back then!



    3. RedBaird


      Oh, what the hell, here are some more Boogie Woogies :D




    4. Exoh0l


      HAHA, nice one :D !

  4. Are you selling the images in your Member's Gallery???

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    2. RedBaird


      reaction_love.png Right back at ya!  :D 

    3. 0siE.


      I have no word :) you're so sweet ah ah Thanks to be that benevolent (google trad) :) You're good ambassador for FA and Im proud to be in.

    4. RedBaird


      I had just confused myself..again. 

  5. Not a "stray cat" any more? :D 

  6. I forgot to congratulate you!  (and one other :( )



    2 million XP Award

    Awarded December 17, by DJ aka GDR DJ


  7. Congratulations! :o 



    2 million XP Award

    Awarded 16 hours ago, by DJ aka GDR DJ


    1. Kai
    2. RedBaird


      I don't know how that :o got into my first message here! :?: 

  8. Congratulations on your "Recruiter" award! :D 

  9. Welcome Back!


    1. RedBaird


      You got it, man! :D


  10. Don't miss GameDay on NQ#1 next Saturday, the 26th!  :D




  11. The S:ET guid in your profile is wrong, as compared to the one seen on Silent#1 10 days ago.


    You can do !myguid in console and copy that Hex-number into your profile.


    Then we can setlevel you on the silent-mods.  :)


  12. name ^7=^1F^7|^1A^7=^0THOR^1GAL

    1. Xernicus


      Nice color codes Red!

    2. RedBaird


      I hope that Thorgal likes them.  He has been using them on the servers. :D

  13. @Bunnny You need to fix the W:ET GUID in your profile.


    You mis-typed one character.

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    2. RedBaird


      Yes, yes it is very good now!  :D


      I just happened to notice it while working on something else. 

    3. Kai


      Does this mean bunny will be fa

    4. RedBaird


      No, it means that I do not have to unset his VIP level 8 on the servers! :D 

  14. Welcome Back!  :D 


    Did you have "fun" while you were gone? 

    1. Kurre


      Thx! I sure did :D

  15. I thought that Tipsy? was joking!  I had forgotten! 😮 

  16. I just "saw you" on jay#2! :D


    1. Hulk


      A wild thundercunt appears!!🤘

  17. Okay, I finally got the merge done, but there were a couple of oopsies.  See your "About Me", where I left a message about why your join-date does not show 2011.  I had to merge the old Dodziii into the new Dodzii to preserve your new email and password.  I then rename the account to the old " i i i " name.  :)  



    1. Dodziii


      ❤️ here i'm =]

    2. RedBaird


      He is back!  Do you have any other work for me that I can "screw up" for you? :?: 😮 

  18. Welcome Back! :D

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    2. N!COT!N3


      Ì will see if i can find my old computer...to get my key back


    3. N!COT!N3


      I love the new forum!!!

    4. N!COT!N3


      Thanks Ang3l m8!

  19. Congratulations, Mr. Gentleman!

    1. CheepHeep


      The Gentlemen of Gentlemen. :)

  20. The Team of Shana & RedBaird got you set up here, despite some computer-chit !  Welcome to the F|A Forums!  :D 


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    2. RedBaird


      I habitually keep things like that private.  :D  I am in Northern California, East of San Francisco and south of Sacramento.  


      When I started my FaceBook account, I gave a fake birthdate.  


      Years later, I hit a clickbait to see how long that they would predict that I would live.  They said 105 years! :o 


      THEN I remembered that I had put my birthday as the WW I Armistice Day!


      That also tells me that perhaps our readers can't see our birth-years, but the click-baiters can (and probably the advertisers!  :( 

    3. SUBGOD


      Lol very well xD im in the beautiful oasis of 29 Palms.. great place

    4. RedBaird


      What happened to the 30th palm?

  21. or you could just give it to me here :)


    1. RedBaird


      thanks, hid the 'secret' info here :D


  22. ❄️ 🏔️  ☃️ ???

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    2. RedBaird


      I copied that from a post that I made in EvilButter's Lambo-post.  :D

    3. Candycane
    4. RedBaird


      Mz. Candy, I won't reveal to Hulk & Sono the "why" of my odd post. :D


  23. Congrats on your Tutorial Writer Award...it is only fair!  :D 



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