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  1. Your Donation was still in 2020 for me! 😄 



    Uh. well. this is slightly awkward.
    Happy New Year.
    hope I've alleviated some of the pressure


  2. Hay Mate, how are ya? 😄 

  3. !seen thundercunt on Jay#2  😄 

  4. I found you on the FA "Classic Old Maps" (nitmod) just now and I hope that you can log onto the forums and add your N:ET GUID so that I can set your level there.  😄


    I see from TBS that you have been on jays 1 and 3, along with nitmod,


    Good to "see" you!  😄 

  5. Gotcha setleveled on Jay#1 (to his great surprise...I love to surprise admins with setlevels that they had not expected! 😄 )

  6. Woot!  Would you like to borrow my StaffGurl-name.cfg?  I used that when I got to staff as a joke-in-return at DJ's joke on me. 😄 


    Ooh, Ooh, you have some "manual-reading" to do now! 😄  Merry Christmas!  🍬

    1. Nancy


      Thanx Red! :)) I am so exited! 

      Merry Xmass to you!! 

  7. I opened an "old topic" and noticed a " Girls are like domain names, the ones I like are already taken. "



    1. Scarface
    2. RedBaird


      BTW, thanks for your very useful work.  📣


      I can be very helpful sometimes! :o at some of what you have found!

  8. Congratulations! 😄


    1. elcabron


      Thanks sir i cant belive this one

    2. RedBaird


      You can believe it...it was "in the works" for a while. 😄


  9. Congrats, you Monster! 😄


    1. Sleestak


      Thanks RedBaird. 😷

  10. You made me cheer last Saturday!  😄 📣 🇲🇽 (But I doubt that you could really hear me from California. )

    1. elcabron


      Hey RedBaird, always is good wake up with good news 🤘🏻

    2. RedBaird


      Live Long & Prosper, mi Amigo! 😄 

  11. Using the Topics' Report function to express your opinions of a topic subject will make you a "persona non grata" on the FA Forums.


    'Report' is intended to report various types of forum- and post-problems, which the admins can then check and repair, such as spambots and offensive images or words.  Malfunctioning topic pages is another good reason. 😄  



    1. Meshuggah


      hehe, i'm always late to reply cause you guys close the posts too fast 😅

      i was just on a roll, i won't do it again 😇

  12. Congratulations on your successssssful signup! 😄


    These damned computers can be so frustrating :mad:

    Oops!  It looks like I didn't properly save the two lines above! :o 


    That is good, because I then noticed your occupation of "let's say tech support", which means you have 'been through' the 'modern digital wringer', so to speak.  



  13. Parabéns, meu novo amigo! 😄 


    ( Congratulations, my new friend!  )

    1. HaDuKeN



      Thank you my noble. It is an honor to be your friend.

  14. Congratulations!  You are now On Trial! 


    ACK, I had promised to quit posting that 'on trial' meme on New Trial's walls. 😄 


    Ah, well, it was only a promise to myself, who I have lied to over and over through the years. 🎂

    1. Avi


      Haha, thanks RedBaird! Appreciate it!

  15. !seen thundercunt on Jay#2 ! 😄 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RedBaird


      ThunderCunt is a long-time FA member & administrator who got "caught in the mud of RL" as so many of our members have.  Oh, yes, he is one of the Originals:


      " JOINED December 25, 2008"   ( haha, gave himself a Christmas present! )


      Sometimes we get to greet them on the servers, like little puppy-dogs, with unabashed joy.  


      @Letdown Isn't it funny how many of your old "bosses" that you can admin-abuse now?  Well, not "abuse", but more like using "tease-commands". 😄 




    3. DeKing


      Yes I see that... If i knew it before.. I just see his profile after having a nice 1 vs 1 with him on jay2 this morning ( and without is pants, what make me laughts a lot 😛 )  That was great! I think I have kind of luck :) 


      The !pants is a result of what you are talking about ? the "tease-commands" ? 😄

    4. RedBaird


       Yes, but I didn't know that LetDown had really done it! :o 

  16. Congratulations! 😄 

    1. Betinho

      + Betinho

      Thanks Redbaird! :)

  17. Congratulations!  = toutes nos félicitations  (I hope that Google translated that English into the French okay! 😄 )


    Hmm, then I found a site titled, "16 Ways to Say Congratulations in French (And Sound like a Local)".


    Let me "try some out":


    Félicitations pour Trial!

    Toutes mes félicitations pour la naissance de votre Trial!

    Je vous félicite!

    Je vous félicite pour votre excellent Trial!

    Bien joué!

    Bon travail!


    On va fêter ça ! 







    Oh, No! 

    "How do you say congrats in French?
     French does not have an abbreviated form of félicitations." 😭

    1. RedBaird


      Sorry, I had slept for 12 hours and missed all of GameDay, but I seem to be well-rested and a bit manic this afternoon! 😄

    2. DeKing


      You could say " Bravo" ;) 

  18. Congratulations, your group is now set to "Trial". 😄 

    1. RedBaird


      And "almost an oops"  your Admin Level is now 11 . 😄

    2. Hella


      thanks mate

  19. Menace, this is a sad day. 


    I hope that you get better soon.

  20. Vaya con Dios.

  21. need N:ET guid 😄 



    I did it, finally! 😄 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RedBaird


      ... a n d ... I FUBAR'd it! 


      Thanks for the informative PM on my error! 😄 


      I will have make sure that I am awake before I fix it.  I /re-locked that topic and moved it back.


      I will "fix" the situation later, I hope.  I have to make your group Apprentice before you can take the Quiz anyway. 💤


      You are level 5 on jay#1, at least


      and I see your S:ET in your profile now, too.  


    3. SlitfaceJR


      thanks my man like I told you It can happen to anyone you know 

      and for my S:ET when you told me to post it on my profile I did it right away :) 


      thanks for fixing that up :)

    4. RedBaird
  23. Let me if I cannot Get This Done Today! 💤

  24. Set you 12 on HC after I saw that you had been there recently. 😄


    1. Rolan001


      Thanks redbaird 

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