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  1. An interesting note about their wives: It is almost like four astronauts are going on that flight. I wonder if astronaut training helps with spouses' fears or increases them. Maybe it makes them more focused on every detail that they can get and more analytical, which can help suppress the "fear of the unknown" that the "civilian spouses" can feel.
  2. I will have to re-find that YouTube video about an Asian man who was drafted into an army, captured and drafted into that army and then it happened again! He is said to have served in three armies during WW2, ending up in Europe and captured for the fourth time. Hmm, I had better research his story and the one that I had posted above.
  3. Okay! TBS shows this for her player-name : " 23-05 19:37 =F|A= Oasis Beta 2 F|A NOQUARTER XPS " BTW, "Girl", nice Rate!
  4. @BlackWolf I was wondering the same thing as my head hit the pillow last night. Some of our servers run ETLegacy server software and I am not sure how they handle the various versions of ET and ETL.
  5. Which server did you try to join? ... TBS shows that your " TopyGirl " name only has records for Silent#1. When you fix your problem, please post to tell us what you did. That will help forum-readers in the future. In LeatherFace's linked post, the questioner never did reply, so...
  6. This reminds me of the day that I drove my pickup through what I thought was just a "rough patch" on the freeway. I bounced up and hit my head on the ceiling! Wooo! I forgot about it until I got home and then discovered that the soda in my cup-holder had sprung a leak. NO! It must have flown up in the air when I did, with the can and the liquid that had spouted out of it both landing back into the holder. BTW, I did have to get a front-end alignment. Bright-Side = I didn't crash.
  7. Fearless Assassins does not have sections for Political or Religious postings, so I will leave this topic here for the time being. Just make sure that the comments do not descend into "hate-speech" against non-believers. Personally, I tend to ignore phrases in arguments which try to trigger my emotions, rather than trying to give me verifiable "facts." For instance, I decided long ago to not be resentful of "the Rich" as resistance against the many voices trying to excite my emotions into jealousy of them. All of us need to be wary of own "Righteous Anger", lest it lead us into levels of extremism.
  8. I respect people who prefer a concept, a philosophy, or a lifestyle, but who can also be so mentally evenhanded as to say, "it has its pros and cons".
  9. == $611 USDollars! (at least for today's rate ) After checking Google & Amazon, I would guess that you are not yearning for the "lite" version. I would guess that you have tried EBay.UK already. This page does have an "animal crossing", whatever that is. It does not seem as expensive. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR2.TRC0.A0.H0.Xamazon+switch.TRS0&_nkw=amazon+switch&_sacat=0
  10. Tell here it is from Godzilla's GF!
  11. DJ's #3 pic, that is not actually a "beaver dam", but is a "beaver lodge", where the family lives. It is in the middle of the pond that the beaver dam creates. Almondo's pic ... That covid-mask is not covering the nose! (AND that guy is going to shoot his toe off with his last bullet when his arm gets too tired.)

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