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  1. Mines rather cheesy. My ex got me hooked to this game and his name was the_man so i made mine the_girl. lol.. and i thought about changing it and nothing seems to fit or sound good like this one. so i kept it..
  2. Share your Evolve usernames

    The girl
  3. Tell Us!

    My first time streaking was with my cousin when I was like 12...
  4. Abnerdog 1.7???

    Every time I go to log on it is empty!!!! Does anyone else have this problem?? Is there a certain when people are on this server??
  5. words of wisdom that may bring a smile

    "Commitment is a verb, not a noun"
  6. The walking dead=race's

    funny you posted this... i had a dream like last thursday about running from zombies.... I NO LIKE them... hahhahaha.. so I was terrified.. I do believe some sh*t like this will happen!
  7. I'm Baaack =DD

    What did you do if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Going away for a bit.....

    come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. How many WOMEN are actually on here????

    On another note, thank you all for responding and not getting your panties in a bunch! I just met Amber who started playing in Abner with us. For as long as I've been a member, I was the only girl who played Abner that I knew of. Like I said it was a simple question that you did or didn't have to respond to... Another member posted more offensive links to some of the posts that have been posted... I don't see how mine is even close... Again thank you all who got a kick out of it! Most of the comments were awesome!
  10. How many WOMEN are actually on here????

    Wow.. was that towards me??? Hella f*cking rude!!!! It tells you why I had asked in my post... Because when I play some people are surprised to see my screen name... and it got me thinking how many girls actually play. Sorry for the curiosity! Most of the post in the lounge have no significant importance either. I wasn't separating men from women. It was a simple question. If you didn't feel comfortable responding then don't respond... It's not like I'm making everyone respond. Get off your high horse... seriously!
  11. How many WOMEN are actually on here????

  12. How many WOMEN are actually on here????

    Lmao!!!! Y'all are giving me a good laugh reading all your comments and for the person who said it has no importance, half the topics have no importance. Lighten up dude. Why did you even post then? Life ain't that serious. Back to the happy note.. Loved all the comments!
  13. How many WOMEN are actually on here????

    Not ahhh, for reals?
  14. Hey yall! I was just curious as to how many females play these games! lol... some players find it strange when they seen my screen name!!!! lmao!!!!
  15. Curvy or not?

    The brunette is HOTTER! But you can be ugly because of an ugly personality