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  1. Notajedi

    Good Admins

    Hmm sorry to burst some bubbles but not all are good admins and group love in's won't help the ones that aren't improve their admin skills, same as all clans of a reasonable size F|A have some great admins, some good, some bad and some who just wear the tag. Respect to those that do their best and as the op said there are never topics that give praise, only ones by nubs giving their reasons why x admin sucks balls, for example if I only read the complaints and believed them about young Yoyo I'd think he was some kind of major arse instead of who he really is. Think a certain admin rocks, drop a pm to one of the clan leaders saying why, (sorry leader people you can hate me now) but it's always nice to hear when people are doing a good job and not just when your on the server with them.
  2. Went to the TT a few years ago, is an amazing experience away from the main races on the island there are also local smaller races through what can best be described as country lanes standing just a few feet away from those the speed they are doing is terrifying and I was a bit of a speed freak back in the day but i certainly wouldn't ride like that on those roads. just to add there are bikers from all over the world there but the atmosphere is as relaxed and friendly as anything you'll ever find anywhere.
  3. hmm something is wrong with that server cfg straight from the pb bans cfg's pb_sv_cvar cg_fov IN 60 80 I'm fairly sure 65 is the default as well, I use 70 as I'm a blind old git now.
  4. you updated your graphics card drivers recently?
  5. Just had a thought, I've got a silent test server you can try to connect at see if it's a problem with your silent set up. Forum admin if that's not okay, just delete my post, it's not a clan server but just a test server.
  6. The file that it says you need (~~~~fa_v1.pk3) check you hven't got a ~~~~fa_v1.tmp in your silent folder if so delete it and try again.
  7. you used to get about half a dozen games just for signing up. Possibly you still do, worth the sign up for sure
  8. // Omni-bots set omnibot_enable 1 set omnibot_path "" set g_bot_maxXP -1 set g_bot_minPlayers -1 set omnibot_flags 0 you'll need to make an omni-bot.cfg there is a text file to help with that in the user folder of the omnibots called omni-bot.text For help with silent mod you can ask here http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/forum/9-silent-mod-enemy-territory/ there's a wiki site with quite a lot of stuff on as well
  9. If you've no voice chat or voice chat text it's probs these needed to be changed to 1 from 0 seta cg_noVoiceChats 0 seta cg_noVoiceText 0
  10. Do empty servers show up in your ET server list?
  11. I Take it that is a jaymod server. join server, press esc then the jaymod button, I think it's in display you can make various changes to pop ups there.
  12. Add this to the server cfg and it should show okay. set sv_master1 "etmaster.idsoftware.com" set sv_master2 "master.gamespy.com:27900" set sv_master3 "master0.gamespy.com" set sv_master4 "clanservers.net" set sv_master5 "master3.idsoftware.com" set sv_master6 "wolfmaster.idsoftware.com" set sv_master7 "master0.etmaster.net"

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