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  1. CS:GO: Pre-Purchase now available

    I got it and gave it another GO ( ) and it was worth it
  2. Planetside 2 trailer

    I am SOOOO excited for playing the Beta of this waiting for my reg. to go through.
  3. CS:GO: Pre-Purchase now available

    I disliked the beta when it first came out but.. I'll give it anither try. I'm sure a lot has changed since.
  4. inactive

    I hope your moving process is smooth!
  5. FA WolfET Xfire Skin (CleanX Modified)

    CleanX, non-FA version
  6. Hello

    Hello Add my on xfire dude, we'll have a chat on Vent sometime.
  7. FA WolfET Xfire Skin (CleanX Modified)

    My bad! Thx
  8. Hello everyone! I created this =F|A= Wolfenstein Xfire skin for everyone to use, it's an extremely clean & simple modification of the "CleanX" skin. Installation Instructions 1. Open "Computer" 2. Click on the Address and type in "C:\ProgramData\Xfire\Skins" 3. Paste "CleanX.zip" into that file" 4. From Xfire, set your skin to "CleanX" Download Link https://dl.dropbox.c...CleanX.zip?dl=1 If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to ask them here, via Private Message, or on Xfire (rcfierce). Cheers, =F|A=Fierce. (New Trial Member)
  9. Armored kill - Gameplay trailer

    As some people above stated, i too don't like vehicles. That being said, i just don't use them, not so much that I care about em' bein' around. Armored kill may change my mind though, if theres tons of vehicles its fairgame! Also.. More C4 targets
  10. My favorite console game series
  11. ps 3 Best PS3 Games

    Gran Turismo 5 Skyrim Uncharted Series Assassin's Creed Series (except for #1, that sucked)
  12. Hello :)

    hello and welcome to the forums/servers
  13. breakfast

    Poached eggs!
  14. =RC= (Don't remember squat, the clan disbanded shortly after I joined) FATAL (Great clan, very professional and organized. Leaders were DJM and TopGun, core members were Zidane and EvilDragon) =GP= (GirlPower clan, played on there a lotttt, know all the old members)