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  1. Epic Battle

    $$$$$ was a wall hack i thought he was just super awesome :/ how disappointing
  2. Dubstep anyone? xD

    no me gusta...
  3. old music! :D

    i like alot of old stuff for some reason it just doesn't sound like shit to me like most of this new stuff. post your fav oldies! i like: buddy holly ray charles the Beatles johnny cash the doors eric clapton the ramones the animals bob dylan grateful dead
  4. Wanna scrim our clan =ASF= ?

    clan wars sounds fun in my opinion
  5. What are your favorite TV shows?

    its always sunny in philadelphia, how i meet your mother, south park, family guy, american dad, regular show, adventure time with jake and finn! oh and breaking bad !!!! archer too! spartacus, i just got into that but its a pretty awesome show!
  6. Epic Battle

    ok i got this awesome idea to create an epic battle featuring the best players seen on FA this would be players like $$$$$$$, FA Magoo, etc... People who shoot above 100 kills and are looking for an extreme challenge and also great for specing..
  7. awolnation!

    my personnal favorite is Jump On My Shoulders! also not like mika...
  8. My point is he is a chill motha f***er
  9. Hello Sixthman Here!

    Thanks bosman!
  10. nice magoo, ive played with you in Cod4 and i must say you are exceptional! my personnal is best is 89 kills, i'm getting close to that 100 barrier, using primarily shotgun anyways how do i post the screen shot for it, i thought i knew how to do it but that notion was before i made this post
  11. X-trem sports

    yea snowboarding legit, i live in colorado and the mountains here are to die for!
  12. lets see how good u can do, screen shots preferrd
  13. Hello Sixthman Here!

  14. Highest multikill? :P

    my air strikes are embarassing, any tips?