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  1. Here is how to sync discord account with forum to have your roles (involved roles : Senior Member, Member, DOI member, Insurgency member, Trial Member, VIP)


    1. On the main forum page, click on the Discord box



    2. Click to join and authorize Fearless Assassins



    -> That's it, your forum profile is now sync and you have your roles. To verify, you need to have the "registered" role in Discord


    What if i am already in the discord server ?


    If you already on the server, you can leave the server and join it back with the forum link. As simple as this !


    If you need help, you can pm me on forum/discord (https://discordapp.com/users/226715707017134080) at any moment

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  2. Hello everyone, here is a new update of our Discord Server !


    You can now follow all of our Activity and latest news 🥳


    For this :

    1. Go to your profile settings

    2. Go to "Activity Feed"

    3. Search for "=F|A= Servers" !






    And so you can now see our Latest news into the Activity Section of Discord (and share it) !



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  3. 40 minutes ago, DrSpreadem said:

    Yea lol i love those kills makes me laugh its like one of those Ninjas throwing a smoke bomb then death instantly, ive noticed now u can flame the nades etc also funny

    Yeha putting nades at flamethrower is pretty funny haha

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  4.  How to get your Discord account ID :


    1 : Go to user settings




    2 : Select Appearance

    3 : Go down

    4 : Enable Developer Mode




    5 : Go back on a server and do a right click at yourself into member list. You will see a "Copy ID"




    ( 6 : You can verify that the ID is correct by replacing the XXX in the following link by the id you get : https://discordapp.com/users/XXX/)

    Example : my id is 226715707017134080 with the link to my profile that is https://discordapp.com/users/226715707017134080/

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  5. 7 hours ago, Rainier Wolfpower said:

    If SpaceX runs into trouble with their launch program they can always count on you. I can imagine you shouting "Say hello to my little friend" in each of those videos. Seriously buddy, you have some uncanny timing, how often do you play the lottery?

    haha if only I managed one day to win the lottery I would do one of these gifts to the FAmily 🥰

  6. Is this a bird ? No, this is @Vidmo





    this moment when enemy panzer fire at the moment your nade is in front of  his face





    The knif that get stomp





    Fire-for-effect instant kill





    involuntary stomp 🤣





    Oops my bad @JStudent 😥



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  7. For role automation, please use : https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/108725-how-to-sync-your-discord-account-with-forum-for-role-automation/


    How to link your forum profile with your Discord account :


    1. by being connected to the forum, click on your forum name in the top right next to your icon


    2. Go into Account Settings




    3. In the settings, select discord in the left bar




    4. Click on Login with Discord




    5. Authorize the connection




    6. And that's it ... you can set some preferencies if you want



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  8. 1 hour ago, dead run killer said:

    i did thatso what do i do now

    Please create a new topic in it filling the form that correspond to the game you want to apply



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