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  1. How to link your forum profile with your Discord account : 1. by being connected to the forum, click on your forum name in the top right next to your icon 2. Go into Account Settings 3. In the settings, select discord in the left bar 4. Click on Login with Discord 5. Authorize the connection 6. And that's it ... you can set some preferencies if you want
  2. Welcome to the forum !! Happy to see that you enjoy our servers !
  3. Here is the chicken !



    1. CheepHeep


      A war is coming. Chickenzilla in da house.


  4. Please create a new topic in it filling the form that correspond to the game you want to apply
  5. This movie is just incredible
  6. Hello Cento and welcome !!
  7. when all the apartments are connected to the fiber but they forget to connect the building to the city fiber and those since 3 years now


    oh brother facepalm GIF

    1. Scarface06




      So... 😢

    2. Letdown


      top notch service 🙄

  8. Level 1 achieved with the help of @CheepHeep Welcome to the new Server Splash Backgroud from gfx team
  9. Hello the FAmilly, We have the honor of having a new feature on our Discord server that is still in the testing phase for a preview! This feature is the server boosting. Anyone with a Level 2 Discord Nitro can support one of the servers with the ability to be boost giving this server benefits and features based on the number of active supporters. Here is the list of benefits: Level 1 +50 Emoji Slots (for a total of 100 emojis) 128 Kbps Audio Quality Custom Splash Background Animated Server Icon Level 2 Everything in Level 1 +50 Emoji Slots (for a total of 150 emojis) 256 Kbps Audio Quality Server Banner 50MB Upload Limit for non-Nitro members (server only) Level 3 Everything in Level 1 AND Level 2 +100 Emoji Slots (for a total of 250 emojis) 384Kbps Audio Quality 100MB Upload Limit for non-Nitro members (server only) Vanity URL How to support a Discord server? To support, you need at least the Discord Nitro level 2. Then you just go to server options and select Nitro Server Boosting Note: This feature is still being tested, if you find a bug that can be reproduced, feel free to pm / report it to Discord. Ps : here is my boost !
  10. Jay1 players request a new rotation. After a little poll In Game, here are the maps that stand out Helms Deep : https://et.trackbase.net/map/51 (https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/189-mml-helmsdeep-b4-mml_helmsdeep_b4pk3/) Saberpeak : https://et.trackbase.net/map/71/ Baserace : https://et.trackbase.net/map/131/
  11. for me it's a very bad idea, we saw and not once people use the pm to continue to troll even they are mute
  12. Stranger Things for a real serie
  13. I ate well 🐔😋


    Photo 22-04-2019 20 59 15.jpg Photo 22-04-2019 21 00 10.jpg

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    2. Eazy
    3. Pride


      Was there any surprise inside?

    4. Scarface06


      no, only melting chocolate 😋

  14. Hello everyone, here is a little tutorial on how to receive notifications from certain channels on discord 1. Select the server that you want, right click on it and select "Notifications Settings" 2. go down in the window and choose a channel in the Notification Overrides section (here server-help) 3. choose the notification that you want ! here "ALL". and that's it, do not forget to save! Good luck to you all
  15. customizing my mac, only missing Fearless-Assassins stickers



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