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  1. I'm a builder / farmer that like to make electric traps Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/id/scarface0600/ Discord : https://discordapp.com/users/226715707017134080
  2. Welcome to the Fearless-Assassins Rust Club ! What is Rust ? Rust is a multiplayer survival game released in 2013 and published in February 2018. Spawn with nothing, get resources, survive(eat, drink, hunt, plant), learn (blueprints) and build incredible things ! More of the main game, on Rust, there is many possibilities to mod the game as zombie mod for example ! I play RUST and whant to play with other members If you play RUST and want it to be known, fell free to join this club and, why not, comment this post by posting your steam informations (profile name, profile link) and Discord profile. Into our Discord Server, we also have a role "rust" which can be obtained into the #Welcome channel. Thank you for not advertising RUST servers here For the moment, Fearless-Assassins don't have servers in Rust game, but can be possible in future depending on the number of members interested in it
  3. Hello @melonchollymel, The UJE clan and the Fearless-Assassins clan are 2 differents clans. You are actually on the forum of Fearless-Assassins
  4. Some other wtf moments I laugh too much in this game
  5. I play with tradition settings haha
  6. Sorry for this @Buckwild, @Audie Leon Murphy
  7. Hello ipod and thanks for the donation ! 

    Fell free to provide your donations informations and show your hype here : 



  8. Say to us when you are ready to comeback !

    1. Scarface06



    2. Janey<3


      I will be back mate ❤️

  9. Many thanks @Esports Fox and @Eireannanl
  10. Many thanks @HeadhunterZ, @Sl@yer and @Kai
  11. Many thanks @Janey<3 @Petrovski @Kai @whoamI @2rk @kajto3 @RendeL @Crazyshot @w1cx and @LazyHippo
  12. thank you very much to all of you, it makes me really happy
  13. Here is a little SS when i whas using the Firing for effect
  14. Hello Mellow, Welcome back !
  15. no a problem, IRL first Welcome back !
  16. !shufflekills shuffle the actual /score so that this /score is even For the !shufflekills during warmup, the warmup still have the /score of the previous map, the /score is reset after warmup. The /score is not the same thing than /weaponstats
  17. Scarface06


    Welcome back !
  18. Congratz ! 🎉

    1. White Raven

      White Raven

      Thanks man

    2. Vindstot


      Congratz ^^

  19. lol what whas that :')
  20. For the case you have this issue occasionally : This ui_mp_x86 is a ressource that the server use during the time your in server. If the game, that can occure sometimes, dont close correctly, he dont close this file and soo it is not accessible anymore (he does not have it cause it's already in use) until your game close correctly (pc reboot / process kill in process list / ...) Soo to fix the occasionnaly case, the most simple way is to reboot your compiuter to close open files
  21. Hmm this can be possible. @Shana what did you think about this ?

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