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  1. soon I will receive training from the Discord staff pars to be an official Discord moderator on public servers !! 


    oh my god wow GIF

    1. CheepHeep



    2. Sonofdoc
    3. daredevil
  2. I do not think it's feasible. Already we have limits at the BDD level. Morever it poses a lot of problem as for example the fact that the USERGUID is on two server at the same time or other + how did you store the class levels ? Like on Jaymod a class have 5 levels, but on some servers you have 4 levels or 9 levels
  3. Scarface06


    The founder @daredevil already respond to you here : Please dont spamm the forum / create multiple accounts
  4. Here is the forum to complain about admins : https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/71-admin-abuse/ Please read this before posting : https://fearless-assassins.com/announcement/5-read-before-posting-complain-against-community-member-or-regular-admin/ https://fearless-assassins.com/announcement/20-read-before-posting-in-this-section/ And please provide as many evidence you can like Scrennshots for example
  5. Hello Flawliet, We dont have any rules for the panza. You can see all the rules on the wiki : https://fearless-assassins.com/wiki Scarface
  6. Thanks Discord for this beautiful gifts ❤️



  7. Hello there ! I thought it would be fun to post wtf moment compilations on w:et and, why not even make a funny moment community video I am totally nil for video editing, however, I start to post videos here in case someone would be interested in doing compilation Feel free to post your funny moments !
  8. Hey Waster, The server auto-kick people with tags that dont have levels. Join the discord and ask for a setlevel on the setlvel channel ! Discord link : https://discord.gg/WAMJnH5 Welcome back !
  9. the mentions are disabled to avoid abuse. For example, using the mentions @wet allows you to do an @everyone what we want to avoid
  10. Added : /wt WarThunder /wow WorldOfWarcraft /csgo csgo /runescape RuneScape Seen with Shana, we have to sort out the meaningful games and the others. The problem is that we want to avoid creating too many roles
  11. Hello everyone, I propose to add a feature in the current discord bot that shows everyone what game you usually play How is it? /wet : Add/Remove wolfenstein enemy territory role /ins : Add/Remove INS role /sandstorm : Add/Remove sandstorm role ... /apex : Add/Remove apex role Thank you in advance for your feedback !
  12. et_mor_pro Glitch : (demo) https://scarface06.xyz/docs/wet/other/310119/demo0198.dm_84 Reported by {PRZ}Nin3Teen

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