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  1. I never played GTA 5 online but I already managed a FiveM gta5 RP server It need many many manyyyyyy time to manage it cause the RP rules are super-strict and there is constent drama for rule violation It's several hours each day on a 50 players for RP rules and many 4am sleep
  2. Happy birthday discord !


    the muppets dancing GIF

  3. Did that is you https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/9382-dontshootuk/ @DontSh00t
  4. Welcome back !
  5. Happy birthday ! 🥳

    1. Hulk


      Happy Birthday Von!!!!!🎉

    2. bLade.


      Happy birthday Von!!! 🍻 

    3. TechN9NE


      Happy Birthday dude!! 

  6. Scarface

    Jaymod 1 server

    The best is to do like this : /connect jay1.clan-fa.com
  7. Welcome to =F|A= Forum !
  8. Hey @YaY, How did you connect to Jay1 ? Cause, actually, for connecting to jay1 we use the jay1.clan-fa.com (/connect jay1.clan-fa.com) url that is actually redirected to the good IP Also, this new server is temporary server the time the DDOS attack end and patch to avoid DDOS is deployed. This info can change if @daredevil decide to put jay1 permanently on this new server
  9. Welcome to our forum 9Ball :o 

  10. How to sync rust with your discord account to get your levels This tutorial will see how to get your permissions on our rust server 1. In game, send this command : /discord join DISCORDUSERNAME#DISCORDUSERID replacing your discord username and id that you get on the bottom left of discord app 2. Note the temporary code that the command return 3. Go on discord and send to our bot the code (you should already receive a private message from our bot) And that's it, you have now linked your discord and rust and have your rights !
  11. Welcome back, long time not see
  12. In France we send snorkel mask to medics 😅




    decathlon https://www.decathlon.fr/p/masque-de-snorkeling-en-surface-easybreath-bleu/_/R-p-1616

    1. Hulk
    2. Hulk


      I guess if it works great.. I know there having to create new things to fight this awful virus.

    3. Scarface


      They made artificial respirator with it, like, handmade



  13. Hello and welcome !

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