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  1. 9 man support fire kill

    One of the best days of my life
  2. LAN OF ET ,live today, ETTV up

    OMFG the final game was f*cking EPIC!!!! Elysium take third map adler with less than 3 min to do the job
  3. et server ETPro Gamenights 2017

    Was good! Also happy a few of my friends joined, didnt plan this
  4. et server ETPro Gamenights 2017

    From tonight, thx for games
  5. et server ETpro Gamenights January 2017

    Anyone want to play now?
  6. Scrim sunday 13/11

    OK will do + next time other server so random guys dont join in middle of the game
  7. Scrim sunday 13/11

    Yo guys Anyone avi to play some scrim tomorrow sunday 13/11 20:00 CET? If we dont have enough members i do not mind mixing teams with FA Meet on your server: http://et.trackbase.net/server/44769/ Oly
  8. Pic of the Day 13.09.16

    They just fcked up and gave this "explanation" to get out of trouble
  9. Pic of the Day 30.08.16

    HAHA last one is best one you've posted in a while
  10. Got a Life?

    On splatterladder is was "U don't have a woman?"
  11. POKEMON GO Available in 26 countries

    This probably wont be the last game based on real world map. Just hope they dont make a mario cart
  12. POKEMON GO Available in 26 countries

    Hi Guys Yesterday i installed the official app. I get this screen: Im stuck in the water no blastoise tho :/ My phone: Huawei P8 lite dual sim My 4G is on, also GPS function is on. My google maps can perfectly locate my position. Any suggestions to fix? Things almighty google suggested but didnt work: Reinstall In developper options 'mock locations' off Put phone in flight mode and back to normal
  13. Euro 2016

    In Belgium the media is only talking about our defence since we miss 2 out of 4 defenders against Wales and god Bale (Vermaelen has 2x yellow, Verthongen is injured for rest of euros) but this cant be an excuse to lose. With our good offence we score a goal more than Wales Everyone expecting Hazard to play big in "his" city Lille (he barely trained last days tho)
  14. Belgium vs. Sweden

  15. Euro 2016

    prono: 2-0