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  1. Way of handling weapons

    Yes I just wanted to know if I can switch my handling to this, becouse it indeed looks awesome So maybe anyone has an idea how to do it, I'd be grateful. I would like to watch it all the time, not the 'standard' way of gripping weapons. It can occur to SMG and akimbo pistols aswell, once I've had my colts arranged like this: http://www.tapety.wkinach.eu/filmy/n/1762_altered-mezczyzni-pistolet-latarka.jpg but instead of flashlight there was another colt.
  2. Way of handling weapons

    Sometimes when i respawn my weapon is handled in a strange way..? I wonder if I can control it somehow, becouse i like thow it looks. http://screenshot.xf...124307771-4.jpg
  3. UEFA EURO 2012

    POLAND!!!!!! Let's win this shiiiittt!!!!
  4. Waddup

    Hello! welcome to forums, enjoy your stay:)
  5. UEFA EURO 2012

    I am a Pole but I dont belive in our team. We'll get out of the group, then lose with Holland, becouse Germany will win group B and we'll be 2nd in A behind Greece. Btw, DJ, Polish team is also international, we have one french and one german.
  6. Pickup lines

    1 If you were a basketball I would never shoot you / Why? / Becouse I would always miss you 2 Devil really hates you/ Why? / For being hotter than hell 3 Let's assume your left leg is Christmas and right leg is Thanksgiving / Why? / Becouse I will visit you between holidays 4 I am professional/doctor. Take off your clothes. 5 Are you full of Beryllium, Gold and Titanium? / Why? / Becouse you are BeAuTiFULL 6 You must be the speed of light/Why?/ Becouse time stops when I look at you. 7 My magic watch says you don't wear any underwear / I actually do./ It must be 15 minites fast then. 8 You are the only one who can turn my floppy disk into hard drive. 9 I wish I was adenine/Why?/ Becouse I could get paired with U. 10 http://funny-pictures-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Pick-up-line.jpg Vote for best;>
  7. Pic of the Day 30.05.12

  8. Recent book you've read

    I am interested in aspects of ethic and religiousness (I think I just made up a new word but I hope you see my point), and in cause of that I tend to read books containing different opinions whether there is 'something unusual above us' or not. God's existence is a issue that always took the sleep from my eyes and I spent long nights thinking about it. Since about 2 years from now I call myself a happy atheist, I don't believe in god or supernatural being of any kind. Since my knowledge of english language is lacking basic phrases I may not be a good partner in discussion while speaking in english, but believe(oh irony!) me that I can talk long hours in my motherlanguage, arguing and discussing with opponents. I would like to recommend you a book by Richard Dawkins called "The God Delusion" showing all aspects of parochial way of thinking. I can't descibe it any further, I just oblige you to read it to perhaps review your point of seeing things like faith or existence of 'supernatural thing that pushed everything forward'. You can check it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_God_Delusion but obviously I recommend you other books of Dawkins besides this one.
  9. hello =F|A=

    Hello and welcome to forums! Enjoy your stay
  10. Herro there

    Hello there! Good to see old faces showing up again on F|A servers BTW you could greet and shake hands of all of us here: http://fearless-assassins.com/forums/83-introduce-yourself/ which I think is a better place for saying out loud that you're back Cya in game! BeerMaker
  11. How did you come up with your screen name?

    Yes, I guess it's kinda difficult to spot where did my nick come from, it isn't obvious in any way. I really wouldn't think about connecting my passion and nickname - that doensn't seem to fit at all
  12. Afternoon all!!!

    hey there;)
  13. COD4 Server =F|A= Game Weekend June 1-3

    Do the same thing in W:ET, please
  14. website Recruitment topics, ventrilo

    Heh, of course I am not being aggressive, please note that English is not my motherlanguage and I may not use it propely, so if you got such a feeling, pardon me.
  15. website Recruitment topics, ventrilo

    Main thing was not to using shortcuts when unnessecary. You might say what you like but I think application form is rather important for clan and it shouldn't be negleted. In fact it could be just me and my different point of view but what I see is nothing should be undervalued if we want to be treated seriously starting from simple things as mentioned before.