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  1. Hey guys, I'm glad to inform you that I'm back, playing regularly on NQ and fulfilling my =F|A= member's duty. See you in the game! Greetings, JuLeZ'
  2. back in the game! back in the team! see you on nq servers! ;-)

  3. I suggest that you remove the following maps and add about 9 new maps: Frostbite Final Warbell Final - unpopular; many players disconnect Bremen Final Beach Invasion 1.1 - not the worst map, but compared to other maps it's not sooo great Supply Depot 2 Final Marrakech Streets 2 by Night Final North Pole Final Goldrush GALS Final Caen 2 Final Baserace Final - said in posts above Tramfight Beta 2 - Axis have a too big advantage at the beginning. It's too difficult for allies to escort the tram, they are completely dominated by the Axis
  4. Thanks for your opinion! I agree with you. Another problem is Warbell... I think it's not very popular. Many players leave when this map comes. Does someone have a current list of the maps on NQ1?
  5. I also want to make a request. The current rotation is pretty old now, and I'm not the only one who thinks that some maps get boring now Maybe we could add some maps that aren't even available on NQ3 or NQ2, so we have more variety on our servers.
  6. How about this? Or is it too much?

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