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  1. My favo is Jason Statham's CRanK!
  2. imma shyguy, but still luving ya'll, cheers!
  3. now smoking electronic cigarette!
  4. 2 hola cos luv spanish! yea meh nameis Sebastian im 19 y oldunemployed man n sadly- i come froma cold as f=SUOMI!! imfed up with fin weather andwould like tomove intosouthernto work...-not.lol no can do need money but here is no any job for me thisis one crappyland butfortunatelythe internet works prety fast and I canspendmy lifeplaying @enemy territoryandcss lol . i wont use civilized!?-words cos as u can c my eng is not good n google translate cant help me lol So've been playing now ET jay1 like 3 weeks?! @ F|A Recruiting server omg sounds like I was drunk

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