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  1. Happy Birthday daBroviest!

  2. Whenever I'm downloading or streaming from TPB it never effects my gameplay more than going from 80 to 90-ish.
  3. I'm going to vote for =F|A= M i K i or myself... =F|A=daBroviest! (=F|A= Brovie if I can ever get that server login bug fixed) Oh man, now I'm changing my name to something like =F|A= bulous
  4. For the love of God we need the !teams command. (Autobalance on demand) But I always use Auto Assign unless the map is heavily biased and I want to get kills.
  5. Everyone on OpFor runs down the center lane at the start. This is because everyone who just wants to get into combat want to obtain cover positions in the center lane behind the roadblocks and fight their way up. If OpFor gets control of the two underground tunnels and the left side of the map (the right side for Marines), they are practically unstoppable.
  6. Yeah well, since I'm a perfectionist, I pray that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY SHOTS IS A HEADSHOT BECAUSE I CANT STAND IT NOT BEING ONE. That's why I do this!
  7. Have you always wanted that gold camo on one of your weapons to show everyone how much of a boss you are and blind people who look at it? Well, I have some tips for you. THESE SHOULD BE DONE AT LEVEL 55 AND IN HARDCORE (trust me hardcore is easier doing this). Golden Deagle Just get to level 55... it's actually NOT that hard. Golden Assault Rifle (AK47) What you need to do before you do any of these is get to Level 55 (the highest level) since the last assault rifle you unlock is pretty high up there (and it also sucks). First, any assault rifles you have at digital/blue tiger camo you need to get to red tiger camo. Blue tiger to Red tiger is 75 headshots, and if you want to have no camo to Red tiger it is 150 headshots. Getting headshots at long range with assault rifles if your target is moving is VERY hard. Equip a silencer to the assault rifles you are using and try and sneak into the enemy sniping points and spawn points. When you see someone, line up your shot and fire. You need to get Red tiger camo on EVERY ASSAULT RIFLE to unlock the gold AK. Good luck! Golden SMG (Mini-Uzi) Use the same tactic as in the Assault Rifle, but make sure you're more stealthy. Since SMGs fire super fast it'll be hard to get a good shot off even at medium range, so if you get into an enemy sniping spot make sure you get up close and personal. Since enemies may have their sound up or have a UAV in the air, you may need to hurry and headshot everyone in the room before they kill you. You need to get Red tiger on EVERY SMG to unlock the gold Mini-Uzi. Good luck! Golden Sniper (Dragunov) The Dragunov is one of my favorite sniper rifles because it works so well in hardcore modes. Long range kills? No problema. Short range spam? 1 hit death. I'm very close to getting this gold right now, and these are my tips. If you have no sniper rifles red tiger, start with the bolt action ones (preferably the R700). Sit in sniping spots and attack enemy sniping spots. Since most snipers stand still when they are shooting, these will be fairly easy, unless they're shooting at YOU. If you want to get more up-close and personal, try attaching an ACOG onto that and use the same tactic as in SMG and Assault Rifles. What works for me is doing a tactic like the one in the map "Strike," if you are OpFor. Run up into the building on the Marines use to attack the OpFor spawn at the start of a match, and prone at the window overlooking the new Marine spawn (the cafe building). You should be looking at the alleyway in the back. When people spawn in the small window or run up the side of the street, flick and pick them off with a headshot. After every shot, prone down again without taking your scopes off. Wait a second, then go back to crouching. Once you do this, there may be some snipers of assault rifles focused on your position from the spawn. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT. If they can see you, you can see them if you look. Flick and pick, prone, crouch, repeat. Again, you need to get Red tiger with EVERY SNIPER to unlock the gold. Golden Shotgun (M1014) The shotguns will be the absolute hardest to get headshots with, since the spread is immense. You will have to go into - again - enemy sniping spots and get very close with sights up and shoot them in da face (you should use a red dot sight for this). You need to get Red tiger for every shotty... good luck (this may take a VERY long time) Golden LMG (M60) The LMG is possibly the easiest to get gold on since there's practically no sway when you're in ADS. Either try staying back at medium distance and picking off guys in tiny hallways (like the one in Broadcast by the restrooms) or run in guns blazing into the spawns. DON'T USE AN ACOG FOR THIS, either use default sights with a grip or an RDS. Hopefully this will help you get yo gold guns in CoD 4, and once I get my gold Dragunov you guys are welcome to use it. . . . . IF you kill me. :3 Thanks for reading! =F|A= Brovie.
  8. Go to \~Library\ (by going into Finder and pressing Cmd + Shift + G) Go into the folder "Application Support." Go to the folder Call of Duty 4 (or something like that) Go into the "users" file. Drag the user account you want to migrate into a flash drive or something like that. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE Start up Call of Duty 4 with a different user. Go into Multiplayer. Go into Options, then Multiplayer Options. Once you're in there, go to the area marked "serial key" or whatever the "code" is for your game. Copy the code onto like a piece of paper or something that you can take to your PC that you want to migrate it to. Go to your new computer (or whatever). Migrate the user data from the flash drive onto the computer desktop. Go into the new CoD 4 and replace that serial key with the one from the original one you have on the paper or whatever. Now close CoD 4 and go into the Start Menu. Type into the "go" window %appdata% Go into the roaming folder. I think (I've never done this on a PC before but I do it with Minecraft mods all the time) there should be a CoD 4 folder (or Call of Duty or anything like that) that you can go into. If there is, go into the users folder and copy the user folder you took off your Mac into it. Now start up CoD 4 again, go into a FA server, and see if all your stuff is still there. If when you go into Multiplayer an error comes up saying "An error occurred when copying your data," then you need to try again with the serial key. The serial key makes your GUID change, and that's whats important to the data. I hope this helps! I just had to move my CoD 4 file from the family Mac to my new Mac computer, and this is how I did it. Even with the serial key. I hope this works out for you. =F|A= Brovie
  9. My favorites: L96A1 - Acog CSG1 - Rapid Fire Semtex Claymore Concussion Hardline (get killstreaks in one less kill) Slight of Hand Pro (faster reloading + aim down sights faster) Hacker (see explosives and equipment through walls) -- Commando - RDS (yellow tinted and yellow full circle) CSG1 - Rapid Fire Semtex Motion Sensor Concussion Hardline Slight of Hand Pro Hackzor
  10. "Okay, everyone, we need ideas for Modern Warfare 4!" "Two new guns and a few new game modes?" "Maybe like 4 good maps and expensive DLC?" "How about a new game engine?" "..." "..." "..." *gets thrown out window
  11. Try running SWAT around a spawn area with silencer and UAV Jammer. My highest killstreak is 25, and that's how it's done. :3 In Pipeline, if you climb up the ladder to the tall roof and about halfway up you press Spacebar and A at the same time, you can land on the top edge of the room where the ladder starts. If you walk along that and turn left, you can camp there in really deep shadows (make sure you've got UAV Jammer and a silencer) and crouch and just pick people off as they come through that narrow door (not the door by the gas station).
  12. When I got the game, I got it off Mac App store and once it was downloaded, I also downloaded it for free again from the Mac App Store (since I had bought it), and we have no problems playing on Beginners together.
  13. Like last year, but he was crazy good.

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