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  1. If you could fly, what would you do ?? ^^

    you Americans with that silly constitution and amendments or how it's called and shit, man, did it ever occur to you that there may be flaws and even faults in those papers? OT: i'd do nothing, f*** flying.
  2. etpro server ETPro Server

    Msg me when you play on the Etpro server again, would love to play some good old etpro!
  3. Samuel L Jackson presentation :3

    Haha, favorite actor! Welcome to the forum
  4. Daredevil crossed Niagara Falls?

    Is that really our chief?
  5. E.T Linux

    Just to mention, but you can remove unity (hated it too, removed it) And, you can play ET on a 64bit distro just fine, on Ubuntu anyhow.
  6. Happy Birthday Daredevil!

    lol, if this goes on, it's daredevil's birthday all year long. Anyway, happy late birthday!
  7. My own hell

    Might I ask what happened? And keep strong!
  8. Hi F|A Members and Friends

    Another one from HC, welcome on the forums!
  9. Why is this not a real tv show...

    I've got one which I don't use, wanna have it?
  10. website Fearless Assassins Computer App

    Poor AJAX!
  11. Opera

    Indeed, but I'm getting tired of formating and reinstalling things...
  12. website Fearless Assassins Computer App

    Was a metaphor, just wanted to say that it isn't easy to create such a program, and it's sure not worth it. +1, gotta love Ubuntu
  13. Opera

    I see you like control over your stuff, therefore you code in Java? Haha, nono I too like to have control over stuff I use, and I also don't want to be hold back by users who are less experienced. But, yes you read it right, there's a but, there are so many stories about unexperienced users who mess things up because they dig too deep. And the first thing those users do, is calling somebody that knows something about computers to come and fix it. And mostly they even expect I do it for free. Therefore I say: please people, stop using things you do not understand.
  14. Opera

    No I don't, and maybe therefore I think Opera isn't fast enough. And I never use extensions or customize a browser, I only use them to browse the internet and to debug. PS: I don't think it's a good thing that you can customize everything, unexperienced users can do alot wrong with that.
  15. website Fearless Assassins Computer App

    Oh, yes, let's re-create Skype.