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  1. Omega-X


    BOOBIE, im gunna miss ya buddy! take care and ill try to do my best to do the same! be good and dont stop powning!
  2. Omega-X


    well, for reasons to stupid to mention on this forum, this is probably going to be my last week playing wolfenstein ET. i will be going to a thing called job corp, where by some miraculous thing happening, i will not have ET installed or even a comp for that matter. so i just wanted to say its been a real pleasure playing with you all! ill try to pop on forum once and a while to say hello, and maybe a lil update with the situation! you guys have been real and its been a pleasure being part of the =F|A= family. so i wish you all the best of luck and farewell. god speed with all your endeavors and goals! <3 Omega-X.
  3. Omega-X

    NQ3 serious lag issue

    i usually play NQ3 all the time and the past few weeks its been so laggy i have no desire to play on it anymore! maybe it needs a whole reboot or something but its a problem thats fer sure lol, any advice or solutions cause its not my ping!
  4. Omega-X

    Synergy. config

    yes but where do you put all of this stuff lol
  5. Omega-X

    laggin on nitmod, and jaymod servers!

    Alright thanks, I will have to give that a try
  6. been playing on NQ3 and jaymod servers and been experiencing some serious lag spikes recently, was wondering maybe if they needed a little rest or etc.... thanks!
  7. Omega-X

    Who is your celebrity crush?

    ugh ugh emma stone, naughty naughty thoughts
  8. Omega-X

    admin levels

    is there anyone who can set my levels on the =F|A= servers? i go on certain servers and get autowarned etc... thanks
  9. Omega-X

    Happy 4th Of July

    hehehe fun too!
  10. Omega-X

    glitch on MLB maps~

    thanks all!
  11. Omega-X

    glitch on MLB maps~

    I personally dont know how to do it but you always see people floating in the sky and what not! is it legal or.....??? thanks xD
  12. growing up sucks haha