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  1. windowt screen in full screen mode

    np, tell me if it worked
  2. Xfire during playing CoD

    Also make sure debugging is off for xfire. I've had this problem before.
  3. windowt screen in full screen mode

    Ahh! I've had the same problem. Just go to options . > system > resolution. You'll probably see resolution set to 800x600 . just play around a little bit with the different screen sizes, and you'll eventually find one that fits your laptops screen : )
  4. Hi from PA

    Hey! Welcome to the forums. You might want to post your problem on the COD Series Support here : http://fearless-assassins.com/forums/38-cod-series-support/ Enjoy your stay!
  5. diablo 3 Somebody finished Diablo 3 in 12 hours

    just going thru old posts.
  6. Advice for a future player

    The set up is pretty beast!! It's better than mine .. .Keyboard + Mouse... lol. I recommend buying it , I play it at times, and i use really low settings for less cpu lag
  7. diablo 3 Somebody finished Diablo 3 in 12 hours

    Ik a couple of fellas who stayed up for 48 hours nonstop to try to finish D3.. It was on live stream
  8. COD4 Config

    Sure thing!
  9. COD4 Config

    How can i switch my player cfg to another one?
  10. COD4 Help

    yeah, Ik, not planning to cheat anymore. I will never cheat on a COD series.
  11. COD4 Help

    thanks! the patch fixed it! i'll add you on xfire for config help will do! )
  12. COD4 Help

    thanks i'll try that nope, all filters are off, all servers and all types enabled. **Also if this doesn't work i'm also downloading the 1.7 patch.. i'm not sure if i have the game patched.. maybe thats why
  13. COD4 Help

    I bought COD4 for PC. I tried playing online, and saw there were only like 7 or 9 servers. I didn't see any FA's servers. Any help ?
  14. little 12 year olds need to stop making music and thinking they can sing! PERIOD!
  15. Really Low FPS, I need a fix!

    debug takes up more memory use?