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  1. Happy Birthday .TyrAnt~!

    1. Sasirou


      H-BDay fuu fuu

  2. .TyrAnt~

    Dubstep anyone? xD

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYR7Q6Rz7Hg&feature=g-user-u http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzWFkCLoilw&feature=g-all-u
  3. .TyrAnt~

    Dubstep anyone? xD

  4. Tyrant is awesome!!!! <3

  5. Very nice! I like the roses! I dry all my roses, it reminds me of them heh
  6. .TyrAnt~

    Real life zombie experience

    :o I totaly want to go!! I'm saving up lol! Omg. That is the coolest thing ever!!
  7. This is my wallpaper. I made it
  8. .TyrAnt~

    Frick's Music

    I am definatly interested! I enjoy music that speaks the truth ^^ I was going to ask you if you could send me a few songs
  9. Yes... well I live there, born in Ottawa how did you know that? lol
  10. .TyrAnt~

    Show us your smartphone

    http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_oZqvd5bh1cY/S_QI8tcgxDI/AAAAAAAAAk8/evnDgA_VfFs/s1600/cellphone_full.jpg lol
  11. .TyrAnt~

    Frick's Music

    wow frick im now your new biggest fan!
  12. .TyrAnt~

    Kings of Leon - Cold Desert

    This song is completely me o0 Anyone else? lol
  13. .TyrAnt~

    Arrested Drunk Guy sings Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

    rofl!! way to awesome!! the cop driving must be laughing. i know i would be.
  14. .TyrAnt~

    Wall-E in Battlefield 3

    Aww that was one of the cutest videos ever! lol
  15. .TyrAnt~

    Resident Evil Retribution Trailer

    Nice another RE fan My name is from Resident Evil too Tyrant = T-Virus! Im excited to see what RE6 will be like.