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  1. vehx


    yes , i am sorry for my haste in judging the new interface ,, it was mainly because it was very late at night , i was not entirely sober , and had been away for a litte bit , so i log in and am too tired and buzzed to process the new look lol ,,, btw the slow and bloated comment was just me teasing ,,, its a term one of our coders uses , i just like to use it to be snarky =p , and yes im getting use to it .... still dont like the profile layout yet , but im getting there
  2. vehx


    ok .. scratch that .. i figured out the gallery thing ,, but i still dontlike it .,,, its slow bloated , and everything wrong with code today =P
  3. if i dont take this psychosis seriously , its going to drive me crazy




    1. Sisje


      Take good care of yourself Vehx!

    2. yoyo


      Don't give them the keys

  4. vehx


    wow ,, i will always love F|A but this new forum interface is horrible ,, i hate it ,, and i will try , but i can tell that it will lead to me spending less time on it ... , unless this addressed ,, i dont use facebook or twitter , or any other marketing tools in disquise as a social media site ,, but i used this site as an internet social expierience,, mayby i need a nap , some prune juice and some geritol , but i have no idea why you would "fix something that wasnt broken " ,, at least in my opinion ,, again , mayby i am just too old , but it appears that the gallery section of my profile is gone , and well ,, i just simply do not like it at all,, im too old and grumpy to learn new things ...ok just kidding , .. ,,, my news that i wanted to post is that my band ( that i am in , not mine exclusively) is opening for orgy , in atlanta in september ... is why i have been away ,, oh well .. like i said i will never leave F|A unless asked to ,,, but i can not support this new move .. not when so many other tech issues seem to need attention ,, but then again ,,, what do i know ,, i was only around when the internet was still a fantasy of geeks at cal tech , and the mouse was being toyed with by XEROX ,, you know ,,, long before apple or gates stole it lol ,,.. ok take care peeps ,, here is some art work from my new album ,, due out in september ,,, what a coincidence lol .. both are the work of my ex - wife ( and well mayby to be wife again if i am extremely fortunate ) .. Katherine Tsconos Williams ... someone who knows me better than i know myself , and still loves me to this day (yeah i messed up bad , and thought i had a good reason at the time , and no i didnt cheat ,, i divorced her ,, possibly the biggest mistake of my life ,, but life isnt over yet lol ) ... ok my F|A mily ... see you soon
  5. cam , some how i knew you would chime in , and thank you ,,, yes somethings transcend (way misspelled but its lat lol ) some things go beyond politcal party , or even social clicke , they are a human issue ,, and without taking a political side ,,,( and btw im not allowed to vote ..((probation for being a free thinker on a fellony level )) but its time to get real and stop participating in the "wag the dog " trends " no matter what side your on you are getting played ,,, so stop . children .. what s that sound ,, every look what going round !!! i am pretty sure thats not an exact quote but you get my point ... lets put it this way .. i love left wing vixen , and i am far from left wing , but my point is i am not exactly righ wing either ,, and what i love about her is her passion and bravato in expressing what she is feeling at the moment .. because the important thing to remmeber , and i really do mean this .. is not what she is feeling ,,, but the fact that she is feeling at all .. and enough to make the effort to express it outwardly ,,,( yes part of today's problem is not what side people are on , but the apathy that they have no side ) ... what i love about vixen is she is 100% her and no apologies , i dont care what you feel or believe , for it is not my right to judge , all i care is that you believe ,,, believe in something ... and follow it with all you have ... because seriously .. think about what i just said for a minute .. when all is done and all is said and you are answering to yourself ( you know ,, at the pearly gates) how will you be judged? .. sorry ,, wonky internet so may have a couple of repeated posts lol
  6. i knew i could count on my avian brother ( who needs to catch me up on things via PM =p) but come on every one .. this is an awesome creation , done out of a passion beyond one's own self interest , and as part of my celebration of life ( because my personal life is going well , and im thankful ) i am about to do a "social experiment " and post on you tube ... and it will be point blank ,, hidden cam .. etc. how people deal with the " homeless" ,, in a time where you can find more videos than you can count about people begging and then walking around the corner to a nice car ( by nice i mean mercedes etc.) and then driving to a nice home , alll paid for by the kindness of strangers ,,, (suckers , in thier opinion ) ,, but at the same time there are people that have faced and survived tragedy beyond your imagination , that are in need of any pity what so ever , that are truely in desperate times ... can you tell the difference ? ,,, my point is ... even if you get "punked " 3 times out of 5 ,,, isn't the potential of helping someone in need at the level of absolute desperation worth the gamble of 3 out of 5? that is if you were gonna gamble at all ( meaning if you are the type to be charitable) .... my point being ... is that while people are concerned with bathrooms and safe spaces ... there are people suffering real pain and desperation ( well beyond the delicate sesnsitivities of the modern "generation" ... you know the one that is 2 billion something strong .. and can change the world , yet still needs play doh and coloring books and safe spaces to deal with oppossing opinions and things that in general , just dont go thier way ... so they go and tear up other peoples property in the name of some sort of justice ... meanwhile .. the people in need , like in this video , are still suffering , and now aide that might have made it to them , will now be diverted to repair the damamge from the latest protest , or will be denyed in some sort of "sanction" towards that specific area ,,way to go social justice warriors ... justice is done ... the rich that you damaged thier store fronts .. will simply collect insurrance , and profit from what would have been a less than successfull sales season ... (smh) ...... tell me im wrong
  7. hello to all , i am truely sorry for my random , if not absent pressence on forum and on servers ,, i promise i am not "moving on" from E.T. or =F|A= , in fact , i miss both playing and interacting with my =F|A=mily , .. and i regret to say , i will still be random for a little while longer , those of you that know what going on with my work understand lol , ... but over the weekend i ran across a video on you tube that really moved me ( thats my proud way of saying i was crying like a baby by the end ...ok not that bad but i was misty eyed ) ,,, and i felt the need to share this with all of you ... =P please dont let my humor keep you from enjoying this video ,,it is beautiful ... enjoy .... and by the way ,,, kiba ... im not avoiding you ,, please be patient ... trying to fix issues with cell phone / internet / i am going funkin nuts dealing with AT&T here we go .. please watch !!!!!
  8. hello and welcome =)
  9. sorry if this is the wrong place or time or dimension to post this , but my co worker and close friend shared this with me last night and i am honestly addicted to it ,, but then again its crunch time and i am on sleep depro protocol lol ,, either way i felt the absolute soul compulsion to share this with someone ... so enjoy
  10. all i can say is ...THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH ... i have missed my =F|A=mily .. yes it is a time of new beginings , and rebirth of my soul ( not to get too deep ) .. but i am trulely thankful for all that i have , everyone i know , and all that i have been though , i am still standing , better than i ever did ,,, ( to quote sir elton john ) ... so to all of my online friends / family ... I LOVE YOU ALL ... and i cant wait to kill you ...... in game lol ... if i dont get a chance to tell you later ,,, happy holidays , merry Christmas , happy new year , and may the force be with you ... lol ... peace , love , strength, and pride may you be blessed with a ballance of them all sincerely , =F|A= vehx .
  11. greetings programs !!!! ... since the last time i logged in , many things have taken place , including saddly , the death of a friend , and that came not too long after the death of my father , but no worries , my story is a cheerful one , ,,, since the last time i was able to get to the internet other than a phone or tablet (and im sorry i dislike using those for internet anymore than i have to ) , i have been working on a project that has taken almost every minute of my available time , but in no way am i complaining lol .... i guess i am officially "out of retirement " , and i could not possibly be happier , i am working on several things under the same overall project with others , that is as much as i can tell you about that , them , and it ... lol .. so to speak ,,, and no its not X files or tin foil secret james bond cloak and dagger kind of anything .... but it is intelectual property that i have agreed not to discuss beyond what i have said ...... but its SUPER COOL ... ..HAAA ... ok so dont tell any one i said that lol ... what i can talk about is the master piece in progress that i have created at my house ,,, ( even though the equipment at my "work" is mine i dont risk disclosure issues by even discussing the system i set up there !!) , tele-comutting , or working online in anyway shape or form is not allowed , so i still have to "go into work" , but i have a system at my house so that i can still grind my soul into fuel for this project , and i do so willingly and with thanks , even when i am at home "getting rest " lol ... incoming soon will be some pics of my "home" studio ... and i am proud , its not " FANCY " as far as expensive " accoustically treated" studios go .. ( and i have built and designed a few of those lol ) .... BUUUUT .... * wink * wink ... looks are decieveing , like i said , i have built and designed a few , ,, and i will say this with humble pride , but in honor of my father , the man that showed me how to frame a 2x4 wall , and then opened a beer and "supervised" ...( lol I Love You Dad , thank you for being the best father i could ever have hoped for ) , this time i have done something wonderful ,, using a life time of tricks , techniques, and just plain old "learned it from a master and its my secret " .. i have put together in my opinion , the best system / room of my career so far , ( and i can say this .. in many ways it is on par with or better than the system i built for work ) ... it is in the top 3 for accurate rooms i have built as far E.Q. responce and ambience , and it is extremely comfy to work in for extended periods of time ..( ear fatique comes 1st from "harsh" accoustics , then excessive volume , then just simply "bad music" ,, well my new room can work at more than "loud enough to feel it " volume for , well ,, i get sleepy before i get headaches , lol ,, and well , with the rest of the gear , bad music is no excuse lol .. ok .. thats my rant / spree of text , i will post some pics over the weekend , the forecast is for snow ,, but that could mean anything from nothing to a bllizard here , and people equally unprepaired hear in georgia lol ... either way i have all weekend off and internet and my game machine back on line so i will try to get to messages etc.. I LOVE YOU =F|A= ... with new eyes to see the world , vehx ,
  12. welocme to =F|A= forums and good luck with your app =)
  13. welcome to =F|A= forums =)
  14. well , before there was anime , there was japanimation , and my all time favorites are StarBlazers and Battle Of the Planets , or as they are also known , Space Battleship Yamato and Gotchaman ,, but i guess if i have to pick modern day , i go with Ghost in the Shell stand alone complex ... and yes Death Note =p

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