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  1. Right now the tentative date is November 16th my birthday however I am really putting some work into the objectives of the map so that its not just a grab and run map that could potentially be rushed so if it goes a little past the 16th its worth it for a solid map. Glad everyone is as excited as I am to play this live. If anyone from Silent 1 is interested I wouldn't mind having a map release gameday to start it off with a bang.
  2. Yea we got tons lol. Th3ory is working on some single wanted posters the large big one didn't look good enough in game so got scrapped. Going to have 4-5 posters randomly placed. Thanks for list of suggestions. Actually just found 2 new bugs helipad logo needs texture and need to fix my sky to not show impact marks from panzers etc. Update inc. UPDATE: http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/ohIwMEh2/file.html If you want to assist looking for bugs or glitches the phase I am on is finalizing textures scrutinize textures make sure they are right both in appearance and function. Meaning does metal sound like metal when shot or walked on wood like wood glass like glass etc. Is a texture missing black and orange default is showing is something see through that shouldn't be meaning the caulk texture is present.
  3. Thanks Aubry and Mike. Glad you like the work done so far. Last upload had issue with 1 texture I have fixed it. New Updated Map. http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/ujfmV79h/file.html To make maps for ET you use a program called GTKRadiant. (Good simple tutorial on the basics.)
  4. Preview of =F|A= HQ is released check topic. ;d

    1. Raskin


      awsum job..

    2. My Ass

      My Ass

      When we start play :D?

  5. http://www50.zippyshare.com/v/Uf756F2l/file.html Here is the map download and add it to your etmain folder launch game and type /devmap FA_Shop in console. Make sure gfx are set to high and enjoy. Let me know what you think of it so far. Things I still am working on: Adding Neutral Command Post Adding Map Progression Sounds (Start Map / End Map etc) Adding Bot Paths I am in the homestretch this map will be complete soon.
  6. Ok finally for real finished up ALL the portraits in total there are 40 clan member portraits in the map. I am sharing the map with members who are interested to give me some feedback add me on skype KaosSage or pm me for download link. Last Series of Portraits:
  7. Happy Halloween!

    1. RedBaird


      =F|A= Halloween Horror Heist Gameday

  8. Happy Birthday =F|A=

  9. lol yea I am in the Glenn Lives camp no way they take him out like that.
  10. Sure feel free glad you like it Moses. I'll see what I can do My Ass though it saddens me one of my favorite portraits in the map Something like this could work in tandem with Mule's.
  11. lol what? Glad you like it redy its one of the better ones in map the colors really make it pop.
  12. Portraits are finally finished. I'll be posting either a fly through demo or the actual .pk3 so people can start checking it out.

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