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  1. fORSAKEN* here

    Moro and welcome to forums
  2. ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    New maps when? What i've heard is that many players are pretty fed up with current maprotation. I personally dont care what maps, just some ''new'' ones please
  3. Hi, im Redneck

    Welcome to forums mate
  4. Hello F|A from +x6.coRuPT# / Dr.Felterpus#

    Hello and welcome to forums!
  5. KaroPL

    Nice to see you here too! Welcome
  6. NHL Playoffs Pool 2017

    Good game last night. Minnesota really played well that last period. Too bad they lost in OT.
  7. hello fa

    Welcome to forums!
  8. K.I.A reporting

    Hello and welcome!
  9. It has been a very long time...

    Welcome back!
  10. Fast & Furious 8!

    probably as shit as 7
  11. Favorite weapon

    mp-40 for sure
  12. Moin!

    Hi and welcome to forums!
  13. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome Mate!