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  1. Hey Guys I chose =F|A=Shotta because it reflects my level of aggression while playing COD and of course my Jamaican Heritage. Shotta Word generated in Jamaica. A person who doesn't need to be in a crew or run with nobody. Handles business by himself or has people working for him. A real badman, always rolls with a gun Translation: Murderer. topshotta. thet guy is a 'Shotta', he killed 6 guys. Also based on a popular drug Jamaican movie. Shottas
  2. Show us your car photos.

    My 400HP civic
  3. hmmmm

  4. Hillclimb

  5. Hillclimb

  6. Hello

    Welcome HB keep it up and follow the rules and you will be on your way
  7. good stuff guys ...im good with whatever set of maps as long as i get to shoot you all.......
  8. im a rusher, I have a grasp of the maps so i kinda know where ppl are gonna run...so toss a nade or catch them running always works
  9. cod4 server What are your favourite weapons and why (pros and cons)

    My fav weapon is the MP5...why you say maneuverability. I like to zip all over. with the mp5 it allows me to do this. NOW lot some people will say its hard to handle..YES this is true it has a recoil from hell but once you understand the gun its a gem. It falls into the weapon category range. But I have capped people at quite a distance.so My vote is MP5
  10. What song are you listening to right now?