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  1. ETDO Fueldepot - etdo_fueldepot.pk3

  2. Hello Pal's

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  5. Happy birthday DJ !!!!

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  9. et server suggestion Noq#2 Fun Server Maps Suggestion

    So, Remove map: MML Minas Tirith, Subway final*, MLB Temple Add map: UJE Airport Final, TNT Intrusion, The River 2 Final 2.2 I don't know if all of these maps have waypoints, but you can add other maps which you know that have waypoints. I have chosen these maps as suggestion but i'll let other players from noq2 to add new maps here
  10. hi :)!

    Hi Francisco, welcome!
  11. et server suggestion Noq#2 Fun Server Maps Suggestion

    I know, we all want changes on the server that's why i created this topic, in order to make some changes on the server.
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