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  1. Listen from the UK yes its getting worse and Good ole Boris has comfirmed with his own words we will lose loved ones : My message to you is to obviously look after yourself and your family but to also others and the old folk over the road etc, Please use your brain when shopping get what u need and not what u want and think of your neighbour(old,pregnant,disabled,scared shitless) Please dont for a second take anything for granted i,e Emergency services ...if you can cope without ,them dont use them let them treat the ones that seriously need their help. Love or Hate me .... i just want all U to be ok along with your family ec
  2. Wow m8 But i dont See a thing on CNN etc. My bad just saw it
  3. Its getting stupid over here as of tonight Liverpool are playing ATH Madrid with most if not all of the spanish teams having to play behind closed doors in Spain (no supporters) but tonight 3000 fans from spain have been allowed to travel to watch the game And in my town where i live we have a huge shopping outlet /snow boarding/Cinema/ cafes etc and one of the shops being the Nike shop has shut down due to staff having the virus but the rest of the shopping outlet stays open? Profit b4 Peoples lives i guess in both the game and this
  4. its a bit of fun , anyone remember the days of the hotchkiss map??? multiple rockects in allies spawn lol the same MLM Egyyt i got kicked banned multiple times xD
  5. The rooms arnt really doing any harm i mean this game now is how old ? its just a bit of fun for players that have never strayed away from this game an just like a bit of fun
  6. i can uderstand some players getting angry at players using the secret rooms but they arnt explots and are 100 percent allowed to be used on the servers , there's only like 2 maps i know of where the rooms still actually work that daybreak and temple theres also another map called BBA flag chase map where there are a few map secrets on there i,e 2 rooms in the library and a leeeroy jekins card ontop of an east spawn that lets u hear his infamous shout of his name lol, i wouldnt worry about daybreak i mean its not exactly hard to pick off those snipers as they appear in the middle of the sky to start with, its normally butthurt players that dont know the code for the room that will complian through pure jealousy even though the codes are easy to find as Snuff shows above
  7. @MikeSlayer , i uploaded it on my crappy mobile tried editing to put above the Gif to say........this is me at 3-am on the Jay1 saturday night
  8. The rule was removed just accept it and jog on, all you're going to do is make this explode into a topic about classes in game, reduce the charge for healing for meds? , one field op per team with a 5 minute charge? for arty , engineers can only have 5 mines? , like i said its a rambo medic issue.
  9. Lets be Honest this has turned into a rambo medic topic lol , if u don't want to be panzernooberd you full well know there is the hardcore server, if u don't like it im sorry but you're gonna have to suck it up and try another game
  10. would that apply to medics that don't revive lol to lose their abilty to self heal whilst running away

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