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  1. this version is much better than the last i mean u can now damage the truck so easily its up to you and your team to defend it.
  2. bit of a problem on the summer radar axis can spawn at that little hut near the first base with an axis MG keep up the good work though m8 or i might have to probe u
  3. smiley its just the axis spawn from where the map starts near the command post, they can still spawn there throughout the map, but you're doing a good job m8
  4. Axis can still spawn at their original one? ......how is that fair? Allies get into the temple but axis can still spawn at their original place???
  5. nah DD its all part of the fun with spawn kills u cant take that out of the game lol
  6. its just a harsh map for allies , u either trickplant or u lose
  7. for me its the stupid tunnel warning
  8. but why stop the sk? u cant call arty or use mortar in their spawns, they have the guns which they can jump over to to defuse? wheres the sense in that its hardly fair m8. there's hardly any advantage given to allies after they blow the wall. the other version u had had no warning after the tunnel door was opened? so what happend there?, being honest its the only way how to win that map via tj plant. its not an enjoyable map for most.
  9. i know m8 even though we know sk is allowed with any weapons i learned the hard way with mortar lol.
  10. this version of oasis clearly dosent work unless its 12 v 12 etc lower players, and the spawn protection?? seems as though theres a roof inside both spawns it hardly gives allies and advantage aswell as the WARNING that the tunnel door is open i think its really unfair ... i really dont understand that part, the only way to win that map is via trickplant(which is never easy to do) could you guys either lose the antirush or go back the the other version of the same map without spawn restrictions etc.
  11. was just thinking of the legality of the thing, that was all bud probably havent looked at the small print you know me lol
  12. What if you banned a player that had paid for a slot what would happen then? just a question m8 nothing more
  13. So what your basically tryin to say is ..we are all noobs but if you have skill its hacking lmao stfu dude. 123 worst enemy
  14. you can dowload the whole first series via YouTube Red, i wasn't too sure about the series but to be fair its pretty good

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