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  1. Every player that stalks me whilst im using Mortar really grinds my gears lol
  2. its here m8 https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/184-applications-join-us/ you will be prompted to fill in a few things as i didnt see a sticky for applying to be a new memeber Also you will need to put your player guid-ID into your profile :
  3. a subject on the MLB maps are already on forums or the google fa forums MLB map codes you wont find many maps that still work, BBA map dont forget the Leeroy jenkins card.
  4. /set r_picmip 3 /set r_lodbias 2 give it a whirl and save to your cfg if it works
  5. DrSpreadem


    DD ive stop using it now and just use browser ad on for VPN the one i was using at the time was Hotspot shield, the browser add on i now use is Touch VPN so i dont think this add on has any affect when connecting to servers ill ask an admin when im on to do !fi and see what my i.p is.
  6. DrSpreadem


    Somtimes ill forget that ive left my VPN when ive finished using it and the only time i've had trouble connecting to a server its usually the silent server's that would ban me straight away but as soon as u turn it off its fine and just reconnect.
  7. YES they are needed from time to time every 2-3 maps as the rules say but please take into context you're not not shuffling the pack to make it even u make it worse to the point players leave, i know shuffes are auto made but i know and you know this dosent work, you have admins that have the power to change things i.e a player or even up?? or lose that sad epic 30 spree scores?? listen i dont giv a fk tbh but u want a fair game then the fkn show us how its done!
  8. http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/news/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/et-maps/item/1661-etl-bergen-v1 http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/news/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/et-maps/item/1660-castle-blackwood-beta-2 http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/news/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/et-maps/item/1658-stiglitz-beta-1 http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/news/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/et-maps/item/1579-syphonfilter-beta-1 http://wolfenstein4ever.de/ saw kerkya and river port on here to but you already have them
  9. DrSpreadem

    hd crash

    if rendels solution dosent work try DL Etlegacy m8
  10. Cookie also try set /r_picmip 3 and set /r_lodbias 2 it seemed to help me and tbh ive not lagged half as much i used to, just give it a try bud and rem to save it to your cfg. wirless is horrible for gaming m8 i get maybe 40 on wifi but with ethernet i get close to 240 you would be better off using the ethernet and the commands ive shown u bud id say bubye to wifi
  11. Sounds like a really good idea DD it would please some or most of the rambos
  12. I meant no malice in my words but i think yes some members vote for maps that really shouldnt be here was all .

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