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  1. So this guy is now all over most social media for winning the asshat of the year award lol : And another clip of him on the news : lol and he wonders why he cant get a date
  2. i want to follow you!

  3. Yea lol i love those kills makes me laugh its like one of those Ninjas throwing a smoke bomb then death instantly, ive noticed now u can flame the nades etc also funny
  4. This looks exactly like my old workmates but kidding aside my daughter made me aware of this, it needs fixing
  5. lol Hipkat if bawts could use throw knives/ poisen knifes id have been here earlier
  6. its was mainly Jay 1 i was thinking of Dare its like for example what Hipkat said , if you were on fueldump etc they sit on the MG and basically give u not a lot a chances to pass etc if their damage taken cant be changed maybe their aim?
  7. Sorry for the late reply Kiba and DD , Yes thats what i meant there are times on jay1 if not most with bawts also on the other servers they almost shoot straight at you, i just thought maybe yes make them take more damage and change their aim slightly so to make it more playable, dont laugh but when im a sniper in a tree getting shot at when they aim straight at u lol is no fun , its just an idea guys nothing more
  8. Hi, its your in house doctor here could i make a suggestion to possibly limit their damage given and their accuracy to be changed as it on some server's makes it near impossible to have a good game on jay1 the most of the time when we are down player's cheers Regards your Imfamous Gynecologist
  9. Naw! bruv try be like us peasants that cant afford a max machine like ya self bruv dont be going all super rich an nat cum play wiv the real boys on jay1!!!!!!!!!
  10. thanks HOTSPUR now i feel like a bloody peasant
  11. lol i didnt include u because brothers dont need to
  12. i think barb and the hubby Lucky13 play on etc
  13. Omfg No you're just going to make more trouble ,if a players muted he's muted we see enough of their names changed to fkFASERVERS etc
  14. i agree, normally unless its an asshat holding it if you ask they will give it to u vice versa
  15. It wont help anyone unless all sides start to talk about what they see/hear/do and provide this information to the right people so they can deal with this scum of the earth, they have no religion/race care about what they do, its well thought through and calculated to make as much damage hurt and pain to those around them is sufficient a response which we all know will happen, PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP!

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