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  1. Med revive and push down to make this ladder has been known for a long time....i dont see it as a problem as axis win 90 percent of the time. if anything its a petty complaint.
  2. i had to do the same thing i couldnt connect to either jay 1 or 2
  3. Simple anwser is NO and stop getting hammerd(thats my job)
  4. i've only used this nick on the FA servers my previous name was Menace.
  5. 20 pounds one begins with M another with P lol
  6. I n no paticular order : *Elk ERSEN Butters Hipkat(when hes not grouchy) CandyCane Hecken Boki Rainier Tipsy Lawliet Bertje Yellow Hanky Akenarr(not seen him for awhile) buckwild ....sorry if ive left u out i'm cooking and my curry is on fire
  7. So i was just wondering why we are all still addicted to Wolfenstein et after all these years instead of playing the modern games please give your answers below For me the first time i got a pc was in 2004, my brother inlaw installed both Wolfenstein et and Medal of honour allied assault , i loved Mohaa untill all the servers died of which was a shame, i do own a console but have never been drawn to play online even with the games i have, tbh i dont like some modern games im more into the old fashion'd weapons and gameplay, for myslef Wolf et is pretty addictive and probably beats most games ive ever played and i will be sad when that day comes. Wolf et will some day die so lets keep it alive kids for as long as possible.
  8. maybe /exec autoconfig.cfg then restart
  9. Do what i do bounce it off the walls lol, like Van said try to anticipate their moves, if u use mortar often you can use the rnade form spawn but its luck etc end of the day and works mmm somtimes just by using the angle u would do with mortar, bounce it off the floor if the enemy is too close ...aim it into a crowd maybe
  10. Not School what is wrong with you man lmao
  11. 1. Goldrush Gals 2. Minas 3. Oasis(original) 4. Battery(fixed) 5. Saberpeak : aslong as it was fixed so allies couldnt nade each other over the main wall where the boat ends up But tbh theres 2 many good maps left out but a shortlist it is
  12. Its not like its a new map its been around forever, players know what they are doing if it cant be fixed then remove it
  13. Most players know this map and know the glitches, learning the map or not is straying away from the obvious.... some players dont give a shit

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