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  1. I will still post on you and all the "MIA" members walls hoping you come back. Just to make my mark... "Onion was here"

  2. Happy Birthday Forsworn!

  3. Happy Birthday Forsworn!

  4. Happy Birthday Morph!

  5. Happy Birthday Benjamin Hannebohn!

  6. Why you did it?

  7. Doing good mate, thanks. Although just saw someone using my name on servers I"ve never played on, including non-cheat protected ones. >_< How's it going?

  8. Forskin how you doing bud

  9. I'm in if I can get that day off from work.
  10. Added. It's cool to see how close to each other we really are.
  11. Gracias, Dare! Will try it out later today.
  12. Two birthday weekends, huh? You spoiled bastard! :) Hope you enjoy yourself and have lots of cake and ice cream!

  13. Forsworn


    I assume he is Spanish speaker? My spanish is so-so but I'll help if I can. I added him on Xfire.