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  1. My top 5 on F|A RECRUITING XP SAVE 1. |.=.| Raider 2. applaud! 3. Asp!R!n 4. Segg 5. mF|BlackTail*
  2. Happy Birthday SpoofeR!

  3. Some people think I used a cheat. Only 293 day left... a chance that my job in construction restarts in the near future for another season. See you in 293 day.
  4. Off Topic: During warm up, why Team Kill is OFF ?
  5. The mouse sensitivity is different for everyone. My setting is 8.25. High for the majority of players but perfect for me. FOV = Field Of View "Default : 90" I can't help you because I playin' with "90". Good for Aim. If you up to 105.. this is better to see what happens around you.
  6. Happy Birthday SpoofeR!

  7. SpoofeR


    ZeroCookie is good ?
  8. Thanks Batman ! If a bad losers crying. I just ignore him. Same to me ! =P PS: Sorry if I don't talk a lot on ET but i'm from Quebec, Canada. I speak French and only a little bit in english. I don't always understand.
  9. too easy to rush this map with double jump..
  10. Thanks BaRbWiRe. I'm not very active on forum "more on ET server" but I will try to be little more active. - Your comment was a good point. Absolutely True. Thanks Yoyo. I will try Jay2 soon.
  11. We can use all ammo on Fearless Assassins Jay1... Includin' artillery, mortar, panzer & Knife "Me". I often hear Noob, You "Sux" And TOO much more. Just an answer for bad losers : Stop Cryin', Stop eatin' potato chip and PRACTICE !. Have a nice Day/night/Frag. Amen. SpoofeR.

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