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  1. If you live near a microcenter you can pick up a 5600x at msrp $300. Just got one myself and it's awesome. Doesn't even notice I only have a 760gtx... in ET at least.
  2. Holy balls I have a steady 125 FPS for the first time since I was on linux in 2011.  Maybe I'll be able to aim now >:)

    1. CabaL


      Still 20fps on bremen? 😆

    2. Haruhi Suzumiya

      Haruhi Suzumiya

      125 now, even on that river map with the sub.

    3. captnconcrete


      lol . so ull be able to hs with ur eyes closed again .lol

  3. @0siE. click on the numbers ex. #001, #002, etc
  4. Surprised the justpub comic hasn't been linked yet. Old but gold and forever relevant. http://users.kymp.net/feuer/etcomic/
  5. Medic -> covi sten -> covi k43 -> engi. In that order and only those.
  6. I had this issue for a long time after a new death adder locked up my PC after plugging it in. Stayed through reformats and multiple mice, then one day it was no longer a problem! Hope this helps I always wrote it off as a motherboard/USB issue from how it started and other issues pointing in that direction so those drivers might be worth looking into. Try switching mice and the ports you are using just to rule a few things out while you're at it.
  7. Going from a 70hz to a 144+ hz monitor is so... refreshing Can't say it'll improve your abilities or anything but your eyes will love it. @PHNTM Until I finished reading your comment I thought you were going to fullscreen on a 34" . Was gonna be like nahhh homiee! Too much to take in! You'll break your neck! @spectator Focus more on your movement. I'm not a fan of people saving sprint for battle but I'd recommend doing just that for a while and work on your strafing. If you move better you're harder to hit and if you match their strafe that means less mouse mov
  8. Low fov and low fps can make knockback seem a lot worse. I'd try paying more attention to how you strafe in battle. Not only does aiming with your strafe limit your mouse movement which causes less bullet spread but also limits small aiming mistakes such as overreacting to knockback. Also, heart attack levels of panic when you take damage can go a long way. You're more than likely just making yourself too easy of a target. Defensive and aiming strafing is often overlooked. As for crosshair... I use on average a dot crosshair, size 70 Use a size that wo
  9. Do you have things like vertical sync and threaded optimization turned off for ET in nvidia drivers? Those two and a few other settings pretty much need to be changed or ET will run like poo.
  10. As rendel said, set cg_autoaction 1. You should see a small white bar of text saying a demo is recording at the top of your screen so double check while playing to be sure. You can also hit f12 to start a demo when they start messaging you. Someone can help you upload or send a demo to an admin next time it happens. Also, make a note of the time and server and an admin might be able to look through the logs if all else fails.
  11. hehehhe boobies

    1. m00jii


      hohoho moobies

  12. So it's Frostbite with the few things that make the map fun removed? WHY
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is great and I love Tipsy. Thanks Mr.Slayer.
  14. You haven't tried any of the new top of the line wireless mice then. Never thought I'd go wireless, but here I am, telling you how cool they are. Check out the Razer Viper Ultimate (what I use) or the Logitec G Pro wireless (PIPEL USES THAT HAHA... PIPEL.. PIIIPEEEELLLLL). Every bit as fast and true as a wired mouse but no cord to get in the way or drag on the pad. Battery life is hella long too.
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