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  1. @Buckwild Mike is right. Whatever CPU you were using is what was holding you back. I was running as low as 50fps on jay1 with an older i7 and a 760gtx. I recently updated to an amd 5600x and now have a solid 125fps while still using the 760gtx.
  2. This is supposed to be an anime/manga thread @Raziel, not "Gallery of our members and regulars".
  3. You can skip the 20 series completely. A 30 series at msrp is a lot more bang for your buck. If you wait for the shortage to ease up and prices to normalize on the 30 series, you'll also have the choice of the next series and the even greater price reduction their release causes on the 30's. As for the heavy promotions from nvidia... if you haven't noticed, nvidia only cares about profit, not the end user. They're getting worse and worse and some of the releases they did during the lockdown were downright scummy.
  4. I second what @Cross Marian said. Keeping FPS/ET in mind you'll get much better results out of a new monitor with a high refresh rate and low response time than updating you're other components, which are already pretty decent. Your old eyes will visually love it and anything to helps your input time goes a long way in a FPS. Hold off on a graphics card until the end of the year or early next year. Prices and availability on the newer cards should be starting to sort themselves out by then.
  5. happy 4th bud hope u have some fun...!!!!!   whats your title in military?4th of july freedom GIF

    1. Haruhi Suzumiya

      Haruhi Suzumiya

      Same to you bud.  Can't say my dog shares our enthusiasm though, scared shittless of fireworks/thunder....  and I'm being literal, saw a little poop fall out of her bottom running up the steps in a panic lol.


      Btw, I've been out of the military for ages.  I did communications and got out as a SPC.

    2. captnconcrete


      my neighbor thinks its funny to leave there window open  and there dog barks from time they leave till they get home. cant believe the lungs on this dog. dog whistles dont work there in for a rudeawakening to night . hahaha iam gunna get some stuff makes that dam dog cry .lol i tried to talk to her about it but she runs from me. lol


      she said to me one day  after i said you know your dog barks all day ..  her answer so what do u want me to do about it.lolol wow.caught her and her man out in her back yard smoking meth. i so want to turn em in but i cant for the sake of the kids.i know weird right.lol my other neighbors where out side shooting off fireworks lastnight and not one peep from dog .lol

  6. Skizo is right. My best life is one spent on my bike... orrr in the air. Hope you're all healed up soon skizo. I've been there many times.
  7. If you want to play with the captn, you must play jay2. It's only real downfall is adren, but out of all the times I have played there through the years I'd say less than 10% of the time there's been enough players using it to find it annoying. Next would be the player count which can both be a positive or a negative depending on who they are. If it's decent players, then it's a lot of fun and you don't have to deal with overwhelming amounts of spam like unplayable over slotted jay1. But if it's a bunch of grvw's and barra's, then you have to deal with no challenge and A LOT of complaining.
  8. Lag is lag and at some point or another, we've all been frustrated by it. There are various factors that cause it but the end result is still the same and it's just another part of online gaming. Accept it for what it is and move on or you're just going to continue to open up shooting galleries with yourself as the target. Other than that, you're just confusing players with quick reactions and great movement as unhittable.
  9. https://fearless-assassins.com/files/category/11-player-configs/

    1. pipel



  11. Happy birthday dude!! Thanks for keeping this community alive and all the help through the years!
  12. I agree with the 2nd part as having fresh rotations more often would be awesome and could solve the first issue as well. Adding the ability to vote would lead to it getting spammed every single map w/o fail.
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