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  1. Make sure your on a trickjump specific server running the mod etjump or tjmod. These mods will be running "no fatigue" which gives you unlimited stamina/Sprint so there's no need for adren. The technique used to gain speed for your first jump is called "circle jumping" and it is named that because you're gaining speed by running in a circle (a partial circle used to jump). You do this using the inputs Sprint+forward+either left or right strafe+your mouse turning in the same direction as your strafe. The key is the speed at which you move your mouse. I pulled a YouTube video for you, different game, same engine so same physics. Understanding the physics of the q3 engine will really help you understand what inputs have to be made and why to gain speed especially from after the first jump and on. Let me know if you have any questions on the circle jump. Find an easy map such as "Mr.men gamma final" and work on just making the first platform on maybe the first 2 or 3 jumps and once you understand circle jumping enough to be consistent we can go on to the next part.
  2. Brings back memories seeing the American u5 team in there. Man did quakecon pay out nicely years ago. Gotta agree with snatix here just for u5 making the list. They are 19-25 on that because of an American tournament that happened to pay really well. If they had brought over the top European teams at the time they wouldn't have even made the top 3. That combined with the large pay outs of early ET is the only reason they show up that high on the list. Taking the same modern low pay outs and lessening of lans to attend also makes some of the best players show up low or not at all on the list even though they're better than the guys at the top. This list is pretty cool to see though. I had no idea of the combined amounts some of these guys have made, but a list to show the best players? Far from it.
  3. Uhhh, You're welcome? Is that what I say here?
  4. Probably bad quality. Is it a hard pad or a cloth pad? A hard pad should just be the color of whatever material they used to make it. Painting them only leads to the sort of problems your having. Hard pads also wear out your mouse feet really quickly. I always recommend a basic cloth pad like a qck with no fancy design.. Any of the cloth pads with some sort of hybrid coating wear out fast and the tracking will change a lot as it does, especially in the area most used. Pads like the qck seem to have the longest or most consistent tracking life and they're cheap to replace when they wear out.
  5. The settings you speak of do not exist.
  6. Yw you can't touch, grab, hold, cap final objective before the 5 minute mark regardless of the map.
  7. A quick search didn't find anything comparing different games in the format you're wondering about. There are statistics for player numbers over the years for individual games. You could look up each one you're curious about and put them all together into a chart.
  8. Try upping axis spawn time by a good 5 or 6 seconds and limiting it to 15v15 or under to come on. TBH the biggest problem with this map and many others isn't the map itself, it's the fact that a massive chunk of the attacking team won't push through or out of choke points. I think the best way to fix this over tweaking spawn times and weapon settings would be to do small edits to these maps opening up an additional route or two that come out in a completely different area as the rest. Unfortunately this takes time and is also a lot of work to put on one individual being that smiley is the only one I know of putting in the effort or even having the knowledge to make these changes.
  9. Couldn't agree more!! The numbers at which it comes on needs to be lowered quite a bit. I'd say get rid of the bloody map but I know some really like it for some crazy reason or another. The 2nd stage only has 2.5 ways to attack. I know there's actually 4 being the upper, lower, and side hallway at main but since two are right above each other, arty or mortar can guard both routes and the little side hallway is also only accessible from the tiny top route so I can't also consider it it's own route. The spam weapon settings on Jay1 make these routes near impossible to pass because of the arty, mortar, flame throwers, mg's, and rnades. Now consider both teams are concentrating their fire on these same very small areas and about half of the allies won't push out of the tunnels to their imminent demise, these routes become near impossible to get through and have enough health to get through the axis that still have their spawn shields on.
  10. I thought there used to be a coffee mug or something on the F|A store page, could have been a different clan though. I think a properly designed shirt would actually sell more than just a few with the large member base and loyal regulars. Don' t think there would be much of a profit involved but would still be cool to do. The shirts could always break the ice on a gaming conversation and end with some new players
  11. I'm sure there is. Is there certain games you looking for or just all in general?
  12. Put your config etmain. You don't have to have it any mod folders. To execute it in a mod folders you'd have to add the mod extension into the command line.
  13. What port are you using for sound? I used to run ubuntu on my laptop and was only able to get sound working in ET through my s/pdif port.
  14. There's a lot of players I enjoy playing with for different reasons but just to mention one, Raider. Our play styles match up pretty well to where if he's on my own team we end up in the same areas a lot and I can trust him to not get in my way and cover my back. It's also a blast when he's on the other team because he's one of the few that catch me off guard with his positioning with out doing it in a cheap way which always leads to a fun battle.

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