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  1. Need Help-Strange problem

    There is one thing more as we have checked together his ET folder and everything is fine there ,maps server , server files etc.. Also I was online in jay3 and saw Maky connecting , I think he is not blocked by ISP I mean IP blocked Now Ii think his PC is fine. I know he is used netgrear router , and this kind of rout got blocked list and firewall system that can doing or coz problems like this awating gamestate..... I think its time to remove all blocked list IPs and tern off router firewall , Try this steps :- 1. Open Internet browser and access 2. Enter admin for username and password for password. 3. On the left panel under Security ( Content Filtering , for older devices) , click Firewall Rules. Remove anything can block ET or game servers IP. Visit netgear.com for more Info. Cya in Jay3
  2. Need Help-Strange problem

    come online in xfire Maky , I saw u connected to jay3
  3. Need Help-Strange problem

    Sorry , I explain again go to Start - run - write ping -t you will see it like this in SS , check if you got replay from ...... time= numbers ms this numbers i can say your highter than 350 ms this mean your far away from jay3 server If you got no replay = reqest time out = Awaiting Gamestate .... so you have to call ISP tec help. I'm waiting you.
  4. Need Help-Strange problem

    2 different PCs , one is working and can connect to jay3 (weet PC) and other PC , can't connect to jay3 (Maky PC) They use same rote and same ISP , yes this is Maky's PC problem , Try this cmd maybe work !slap Maky's PC
  5. Need Help-Strange problem

    I think you have to ping -t check if you got request time out or you got server ping time. check my ss , I got same your problem now check the rote active notification light when you connect Jya3 ,its work or not Like you connect forum ,its work then the site is opened.
  6. How to write a Curriculum Vitae

    How guys doing this ? I search google but found nothing Special Any help !?
  7. me, myself and I

  8. Who do you love on =F|A=? :)

    dread , Joker , Gubbi , Annibal , Pinoy , and all jay3 players Servers , forum and all mt mates in forums
  9. My son gots skills =)

    I need medic <3 Doing good
  10. How review cheater demo

    The selected tutorial must be approved before you can perform this action
  11. How review cheater demo

    I was there sun , when I told you why your anger today ? I always looking at my radar map also use < > buttons to Increase and decreasing the view of maps and where the enemies play and what stops they are , also I mute V say sounds and focus of enemies steps also I need time of game to warm up and act like this in the maps.
  12. How review cheater demo

    I mean when I watch it , what I have to notice his move his looking etc !?
  13. How review cheater demo

    Hi guys , There is any tips or notes how to review long demo of cheater ?
  14. cfg

    Thank you guys , Can someone edit it for me please I edit it but when i restart ET , everything I lost it again /cl_timenudge -30 same as annibal , I think i got low ping but more lags (yellow lagometer) ? and how to enable mission timer and Reinforcement Timer to show in my screen ?