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  1. hey hey when u have time say hIiiii :))

  2. Howdy. Have fun and frag out!! (I've wanted to say that for so long... Oh goodness.)
  3. Zairan


    Hey there. I've had so much fun, but it's time for me to take my leave. I love the times I've had and the people I've met on =F|A=, but I'm off. Time to go exploring and play at random again! Thank you all for being here and playing with me. It's been a blast! I'm still going to be playing on your servers and haunting your TeamSpeak, so I'm not completely gone. Bye, bye. (WOW I am REALLY bad at goodbyes)
  4. What makes that scary is the fact that he looks like he's preaching to a crowd, what with that hand position!
  5. I think you are legitimately incredible, dude, and thank you SO much for making me a signature!! I love it to pieces. It's amazing as it is, so just resize it and I will use it (once I find the tutorial on how XD)!
  6. Happy Birthday Zairan!

  7. GuN

    Happy B DAY XD

  8. Well I'm just really proud of this photo, so I'm just gonna share it . . . This is from prom, which was last month. So it's a fairly recent photo! And I was just giving my mom a weird look. I'm good at those, apparently. That's me
  9. Z, I'm back. Find me on the server. Would love to catch up with ya!

  10. Hey! So it's been a looooong time since I showed any activity, both on the Forum and on server, but I'm back! It's still going to be sporadic activity, but it is activity nonetheless! Sorry about the lack of there-ness (new word, maybe?) I guess I'm back Z
  11. knock knock

  12. hey z, what was up with that hilary player that one day lol


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