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  1. Happy Birthday Ghosted!

  2. Happy Birthday Ghosted!

  3. I could use ANY signature, just one that has my name on it (GhosT). I also like the colors red and grey(gray?) I just feel... naked. -GhosT
  4. Ghosted

    The 50 Game

    We are at 11. Killar! never bothers to read he gives +1, not -1. and Now I give +1 +12
  5. Ghosted

    The 50 Game

    Lol guys you are so close >.< The real count is +12 Remember just posting doesn't count as adding to the number! They must say +1 or the new total! +13 now btw
  6. Ghosted

    The 50 Game

    No we are at +7, Killar you give +1 and so did Spongebob
  7. Ghosted

    The 50 Game

    +5 woo!
  8. Ghosted

    The 50 Game

    Alright alright. Founders, Co-Leaders, and Staff give -3. Members, VIP, Members of the Forum, and Guests give +1. We are at +1, and I am adding to it >.< Total: +2
  9. Ghosted

    The 50 Game

    It goes by group, just because you have commands doesn't make you an admin.
  10. Ghosted

    The 50 Game

    We are really at -1... ADMINS and MODERATORS of the forum or in-game, going by your group, give -3. So lady, you would be giving +1 We are at -1, and I am bumbing it up +1. We are at 0 First to reach 50 wins, and can only go up or down every ten minutes, but chatting in-between is ok you just can't add or subtract Edit: Sorry, was high -GhosT Lol, I guess you are in Mods and Admins
  11. Ghosted

    The 50 Game

    -3 lol

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